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Longmire Lives!

Longmire Lives!


Lonmire Netflix

Fans of Craig Johnson and his character Sheriff Longmire were pretty vocal when A&E announced it would cancel the series after a massive cliffhanger at the end of season 3.  Well, weep not – Longmire will live on at the hands of Netflix, who nabbed the rights to the fourth season with ten new episodes arriving in 2015.

Longmire fans’ dedication to saving the show paid off.  A&Es cancellation of the series triggered one of the biggest outpourings of fan support ever for an axed TV series. The cast members, led by Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, have all made their deals for Season 4, picking up moments after season three’s explosive finale.

Craig Johnson tweeted his pleasure at the series pickup, writing, “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds. Old Mexican proverb.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure – read Craig Johnson’s Longmire series – “simply the best in western fiction.”


Read the Latest News About Lawrence Block

Read the Latest News about Lawrence Block

What’s a AWATT – and what is Liam Neeson doing presenting it at the Zurich Film Festival?

Lawrence BlockAWATT is the film industry’s abbreviated form of A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, a film based on Lawrence Block’s tenth Matthew Scudder novel. It is the brilliant work of writer/director Scott Frank, and stars Liam Neeson, with a terrific supporting cast. It opens worldwide Friday September 19.

To quote Block, “Unless you’ve spent the past month in one of those sensory-deprivation tanks, floating your troubles away, you’ve probably been blitzed . . . by lobby cards and trailers and bus-and-subway posters and TV commercials, all in aid of A Walk Among the Tombstones.”

Lawrence Block is without a doubt the most prolific American crime writer.

Named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America in 1994, Lawrence Block came to prominence in the 1970s when he introduced us to his most famous creation, the ever-evolving Matthew Scudder, an alcoholic ex-cop working as an unlicensed private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen. He has written 17 Scudder novels and a collection of short stories, the most recent being 2011’s A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF.

Block also created 11 Bernie Rhodenbarr novels, including THE BURGLAR WHO COUNTED SPOONS in 2013, 8 Evan Tanner novels, 4 Chip Harrison novels and a collection of eighty-four short stories, ENOUGH ROPE containing two Chip Harrison stories, and 5 Keller novels including 2013’s HIT ME.

Recently, Block began reissuing titles he wrote in the 50s, 60s and 70s under different pseudonyms.

With the release of a new Jill Emerson novel GETTING OFF in 2011, he wrote 8 books as Jill Emerson, 3 written as Paul Kavanagh, 8 written as Sheldon Lord with 69 BARROW STREET recently re-released with his Ben Christopher novel STRANGE EMBRACE, 5 as Andrew Shaw and numerous others.

Block also wrote over a dozen standalone titles, a half-dozen or so books of short stories, several books about writing and a memoir. Wow!

A Walk Among the Tombstones is the first movie from a Matthew Scudder novel. In 1987 Hollywood had plans to make a movie adapted from Block’s 1978 novel The Burglar in The Closet, starring Bruce Willis as Bernie Rhodenbarr, Block’s lovable burglar, with Whoopi Goldberg playing the next-door-neighbor. When Willis backed out of the production, they adapted the script to star Whoopi in the title role. It was released as Burglar.

Defender of the InnocentNew This Month! – DEFENDER OF THE INNOCENT: The Casebook of Martin Ehrengraf by Lawrence Block

– John

Savages by Don Winslow

John Reviews “Savages” by Don Winslow

Savages by Don WinslowIt has been a long time since I have read a book that was as difficult to put down as “Savages” by Don Winslow. The writing style is like nothing I have ever seen.

It defiantly breaks all the rules of writing I was ever taught and I loved it! The story follows three friends who find themselves going to war with the Mexican drug cartel. The story is told from many view points and they are all vastly different. I am excited to read the prequel, “The Kings of Cool” and discover how it all began. This fast paced and intense novel has become a major motion picture and I am eager to see how they turned such a unique novel into a film.



Press Release: King of Cyberpunk Author William Gibson Releases His Latest Thriller–Zero History

King of Cyberpunk Author William Gibson Releases His Latest Thriller–Zero History


Press Release:  Tualatin, Oregon – September 13, 2010 – VJ Books ( presents signed editions of William Gibson’s Zero History (September 2010: Penguin).

Zero_History_GibsonThe iconic visionary returns with his first new novel since the New York Times bestseller Spook CountryNeuromancer was the first book in a provoking trilogy that has come to be considered a benchmark in the history of the genre.  Since then, Gibson has gone on to create even more visionary science fiction, including The Difference Engine, a classic co-authored with Bruce Sterling, and ingenious cyber thrillers such as Pattern Recognition and Spook Country.

In Zero History, Hollis Henry worked for the global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend once before. She never meant to repeat the experience. But she’s broke, and Bigend never feels it’s beneath him to use whatever power comes his way — in this case, the power of money to bring Hollis onto his team again.

Milgrim is even more thoroughly owned by Bigend. He’s worth owning for his useful gift of seeming to disappear in almost any setting, and his Russian is perfectly idiomatic – so much so that he spoke Russian with his therapist, in the secret Swiss clinic where Bigend paid for him to be cured of the addiction that would have killed him.

Garreth has a passion for extreme sports. Most recently he jumped off the highest (more…)