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Every once in awhile we hear from a customer, telling us of the exciting novel that they have just completed, and would I like to read it. Well . . . sure send me a copy? When I received Andy Peterson’s (a long time friend of VJ Books) first novel I was quite curious about comparison’s to books by Steve Hunter, and Lee Child, two of my favorites. I did read it, in fact couldn’t put it down. Nathan McBride, the hero of what promises to be an incredible series, has it all, history, skills, attitude, strength, rugged-good looks, . . . he even has his own helicopter! The bad guys are the baddest, the body-count plentiful, the plot complex – with surprises at every turn. Thanks Andy, for a thrillride I truly didn’t expect. I know our customers avoid pbo’s, but I really want you to read Andy’s book! If you like it as much as I did, drop a line to his publisher telling them so, and ask that his next book be released is hardcover!


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