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(December 2008 Newsletter PNBA.org )

Take a moment to join me in an interesting bit of cost analysis. If you buy a movie ticket (and popcorn and drink), you could easily spend $20 for two hours of entertainment, which breaks down to $10 per hour. If you buy an ice cream cone, you COULD spend $5.00 for 15 minutes of fun . . . $20 per hour. A dinner out could average $12.50 to $25 per hour. A night at a football game (with beers & popcorn) could cost $200, or about $64 per hour.

HOWEVER! If you buy a hardcover book for $28.00, and it takes you six hours to read it, that’s $4.66 per hour of entertainment . . . and then you can pass it on to a friend ($2.33 per hour of enjoyment), and another friend or two or three (.58 per hour). . . and then you can get it back and put it on your shelf where it will look attractive for years, and you can remember what you learned and/or the fun you had reading it . . . Books are the best and most lasting entertainment value out there!