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President Will Lee is having a rough week. As he prepares for the upcoming election, the usually cool and collected President Lee has several crises going on at once, from loose nukes to a close political ally with skeletons in his closet. And as if that weren’t enough, Kate Rule Lee, his first lady and CIA director, is contending with another threat: the return of a dangerous and unusually cunning fugitive Teddy Fay.

There’s plenty of the usual trouble to be found in Washington, from double-crossing political appointees to an impending sex scandal. But with the threat from abroad looming, the president puts every resource he has—including Lance Cabot and Holly Barker—into damage control as the clock ticks down to election night. From the seedy world of muckraking journalism to the murderous hotspots of Central America, there’s enough intrigue to keep even the sharpest and most daring of intelligence agents on edge.

With his usual blistering pace and dry wit, Stuart Woods has created another adventure that shows why he’s truly the master of the genre.

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