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Even before he had a word published by himself, Andrew Gross was a best-selling author as one of James Patterson‘s co-writers. Six novels, including “The Women’s Murder Club” series, put Gross’s work on many best-sellers lists.

But Gross isn’t in Patterson’s shadow anymore. In his third solo novel, Gross continues to show that he is a thriller writer in his own right, though stylistically “Don’t Look Twice” is akin to Patterson’s work with clipped sentences, short chapters and ramped-up action.

Don’t Look Twice” resonates with character development and a solid plot. Although the dialogue occasionally dips to the level of cliche, Gross’s enthusiasm for his storytelling overrides this flaw.

Greenwich, Conn., police detective Ty Hauck’s quiet outing with his daughter is halted when they are victims of a drive-by shooting at a service station where they are buying groceries. Hauck is wounded, his daughter is all right physically, but David Sanger, a federal prosecutor, is killed. Ty’s investigation first centers on just who was the intended victim: the cop, the prosecutor or the Pakistani who owned the business?

The investigation takes Ty through a maze that leads to a conspiracy, an area casino and a member of his own family. Corruption and greed ooze throughout the thrilling “Don’t Look Twice.”

Gross accelerates the action as he moves the story throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, as well as the Dominican Republic.

(sunjournal.com, Mar. 9, Oline H. Cogdill)

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