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This solid techno-thriller from bestseller Brown (Shadow Command) focuses on Scion Aviation International, a private security contractor providing mission support to the dwindling U.S. military presence in Iraq. Operated by a maverick former air force general and a former U.S. president, Scion has resources, expertise and connections that cause resentment among active-duty American troops in the region. When Kurdish terrorists attack Turkey using Iraqi territory as a haven, the Turkish military follows precedent set by the U.S. itself in attacking terrorist bases, which brings them into contact with U.S. forces. While the current president attempts to cool tensions, Scion takes action that not only strains relations between NATO allies but also reveals the company’s possession of a technological superiority that poses a destabilizing threat to the region. While Brown delivers plenty of red meat action, he leaves questions of loyalty and accountability unresolved.

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(Publisher’s Weekly, May 4)