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Tualatin, Oregon – July 19, 2011:  NY Times bestseller author Alan Jacobson returns with a new Karen Vail thriller, Inmate 1577, as an exclusive Norwood Press signed hardcover release.  Critics are raving about this new Jacobson story, calling it his best book ever.

Inmate 1577 by Alan Jacobson

Praise for Inmate 1577

“Inmate 1577 is a mystery masterpiece. The author has written his best work to date, creating a classic psychopathic character that will be the inspiration for thriller writers in the years ahead,” says John Wills of NY Journal of Books.

“Inmate 1577 is another rippin’ good ‘Alan Jacobson read’! Jacobson researches his books like a good newspaper reporter, and then pushes the envelope into reality more thoroughly than the typical crime novel could ever allow.” – Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle 

“In my 27 years working at USP Leavenworth as a Correctional Officer and Institution Historian, no other book has painted the story of what it’s like to survive behind those 40 foot walls better than Inmate 1577. Hats off to Alan Jacobson for his relentless research and desire to bring credibility to an already fascinating story!” – Kenneth M. LaMaster, Leavenworth Correctional Officer (ret), Author, and Institution Historian

About Inmate 1577

When an elderly woman is found raped and brutally murdered, Karen Vail heads west to team up with Inspector Lance Burden and Detective Roxxann Dixon.

As they follow the killer’s trail in and around San Francisco, the offender leaves behind clues that ultimately lead them to the most unlikely of places, a mysterious island ripped from city lore whose long-buried, decades-old secrets hold the key to their case: Alcatraz. The Rock.

It’s a case that has more twists and turns than the famed Lombard Street. The legendary Clive Cussler called Inmate 1577 “a powerful thriller, brilliantly conceived and written.”

INMATE 1577 is available directly from Norwood Press, VJ Books, or can be requested from quality independent booksellers everywhere.

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