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Secondworld by Jeremy Robinson

Secondworld by Jeremy RobinsonSecondworld by Jeremy Robinson is an exciting rush from beginning to end. We have all read thriller novels where people lose the essentials of life, such as food, safety or shelter; but air – that’s a new one. After this novel, I’m also thinking that it’s the most terrifying resource to lose!

Lincoln Miller is an ex-Navy Seal working as a NCIS Special Agent. He is sent to Aquarius, an undersea research facility to research undersea dumping. Miller thinks he sees dumping take place around the research facility and races to the surface to investigate and confront the polluters. He discovers not only a lack of polluters, but red flakes falling from the sky and no oxygen in the air.

Miller must escape the research facility when it is struck by a dead blue whale. From that point on it’s a non-stop race as he goes from one oxygen tank to the next. He soon discovers that Miami, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo have all been affected. Miller has seven days to save the rest of the world.

I highly suggest taking a deep breathe and diving into Second World.