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Clive Cussler Reigns Supreme!

Author Clive CusslerTeam Cussler is furiously putting pen to paper to deliver more thrilling adventures than ever before. In calendar year 2016, one title has already been released, the new Isaac Bell thriller GANGSTER with Justin Scott. Four more Clive Cussler titles are scheduled before the end of the year.

EMPEROR’S REVENGE, the second Numa Files adventure by Boyd Morrison comes out on Memorial Day; followed in September by PIRATE, the next Fargo adventure written by bestselling author and a recent Cussler team addition, Robin Burcell; the new car book, BUILT TO THRILL, releases in October; but wait – THERE IS MORE!

Clive Cussler, writing with his son Dirk, delivers the highly anticipated 24th Dirk Pitt adventure, ODESSA SEA, in November. Beginning in classic Cussler form, this story takes us back to 1917 when forces are trying to preserve the remnants of the Romanov Empire, while in current times mysterious deaths are linked to smugglers of nuclear materials. Racing the clock, Pitt is called to once again save the world from global war and certain destruction.

Norwood Press is scheduled to release their specialty editions of EMPEROR’S REVENGE, PIRATE, and ODESSA SEA . GANGSTER is now shipping.

What a year!

2015 was another big year with the releases of ASSASSIN, PIRANHA, THE SOLOMON CURSE, and the PHARAOH’S SECRET. We still have double-signed copies of these and many other Cussler favorites still in stock.

On a sad note on March 19th we lost our long-time friend Wayne Valero to a dreadful disease. Wayne was a co-founder of the Clive Cussler Collectors’ Society and Cussler’s #1 fan. Virginia and I, and our entire family, have fond memories of seeing Wayne at Cusslercon each year. For all our Cussler comrades we are sorry to report that we have now lost the top-three Cussler Crazies, Papa Jim, Dr. Buddy, and now Wayne.