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Dave Barry’s ‘Science Fair’ is outrageously funny

(, Nov. 24, Richard Tambling)

This chapter book (Science Fair) by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is outrageously funny at times.

But of course it’s based on an outrageous idea: that a foreign agent might use the projects at a middle school science fair to bring America to its knees.

It’s a plot by Grdankl the Strong, leader of the country of Kprshtskan. One of his agents has schemed to trick filthy rich kids into unknowingly participating in his scheme by getting their mommies and daddies to obtain top secret technology for their projects, which can be hijacked for ulterior motives.

Through circumstance, average kid Toby Harbinger and his best friends Tamara and Micah must battle their way through humiliation, false accusations, and even danger to save us all.

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read this b4 u publish :-)

(Publisher’s Weekly, Max Leon, Nov. 10)

I am of that population segment that is constantly derided as “not reading anymore,” and is therefore treated by publishing companies as a vast, mysterious demographic that’s seemingly impossible to please. Kind of like the way teenage boys think of girls. The reason we read so little in our free time is partially because of the literary choices available to teenagers these days. The selection of teen literature is even more barren now that the two great dynasties, Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl, have released their final installments. Those two massive successes blended great characters, humor (more…)

Eragon Series Update

John and Mitchell met with Christopher Paolini recently and confirmed that there will be a 4th Eragon book. Although he wouldn’t give many details he did mention “Were-Cats”. . .(?)

Just Arrived!

Just Arrived!

The 4th book from the Inheritance series will be published by Knopf. Please stay tuned for further news, find the facts here!

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