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On Poe’s 200 anniversary: Charles and Caroline Todd

(, Jan. 19, Dave Rosenthal)

Charles Todd, the mother/son mystery writing team of Caroline and Charles Todd, drew inspration from Edgar Allan Poe. Their latest work in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series, A Matter of Justice, will be released. Here is their guest post:

I met Edgar Allan Poe while hanging over the arm of the sofa as my father read “The Gold Bug” aloud to us. We’d gone to Hatteras, rented a creaky old house among the dunes, and it had poured rain for the first two days. So my father—ever prepared—read to my sister and me. She wandered off after a while to play with the house cat, but I was well and truly hooked. The treasure was hidden in much the same seaside, as far as I was concerned, and I could picture men just out of sight, digging away. Working out the code was intriguing, and I never forgot that e was the most common letter in the English alphabet. When the rain went on another day, we got “The Purloined Letter” and “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, true mysteries. These were a little beyond me, but with my father’s voice changes and explanations, they kept me enthralled. I didn’t know what an Ourang-Outang (more…)

Best mysteries of 2008

(, Dec. 17)

Sun Sentinel (MCT) – In “The Finder,” Colin Harrison combines a strong eye for social details and the intricacies of New York City for a novel that is equally literary fiction and mystery.

A scheme in which office cleaners steal a new pharmaceutical company’s paperwork leads to cohesive plot about greed, power and revenge. “The Finder’s” ensemble features characters from every stratum of New York society as well as sharp dialogue and fresh plot twists. Harrison’s original approach makes “The Finder” the top mystery of 2008.

(1) “The Finder.” Colin Harrison. Farrar, Straus, Giroux. A scheme to steal paperwork erupts into a perceptive, thriller about New York life. (more…)

Charles Todd – A Matter of Justice

(Publisher’s Weekly, Nov. 3)

A Matter of Justice

A Matter of Justice

In the stellar 11th Insp. Ian Rutledge mystery (after 2008’s A Pale Horse), Todd (the pseudonym of a mother-son writing team) seamlessly combines a fair-play whodunit with a nuanced look into the heart of darkness in the human soul.  During the Boer War, Pvt. Harold Quarles takes advantage of a Boer attack on a British military train to enrich himself.  When two decades later his battered corpse is found grotesquely displayed at his country residence in Somerset, Scotland Yard’s Ian Rutledge must sift through the pethora of lies, omissions and motives surrounding Quarles, who become a successful investment adviser in London.  Because the victim was almost universally despised in Somerset, Rutledge has no shortage of suspects.  The inspector’s own inner struggles, stemming from his guilt over his morally questionable actions during WWI, make him a more human and complicated protagonist than most other series sleuths.  (Due January 2009)

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