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Clive Barker – An Introduction

Clive Barker is widely considered to be a driving force in the world of modern horror. His earliest works, a collection of short stories entitled Books of Blood, drew praise from some of the masters of the genre. Upon reading his work, Stephen King stated, “I have seen the future of horror … and it is named Clive Barker.” Barker’s later works grew in size and scope to encompass epic fantasy and even young adult literature.

A number of Clive Barker’s works have been made into films and television shows including Hellraiser (based on his novella The Hellbound Heart), Rawhead Rex, Nightbreed (based on his novella Cabal), and Candyman (based on his short story The Forbidden).

Many of Barker’s creations continue to influence the world of horror in literature and cinema, spawning countless imitations, spin offs, and sequels. He is also a renowned painter, playwrite, and comic book writer.

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Clive Barker – Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Traveling Circus

An original Clive Barker book, “The Adventures of Mr. Maxmillian Bacchus and His Traveling Circus” is composed of four interwoven stories penned by Clive 40 years ago that have never seen print in any form! Here for the first time in a beautiful edition, lavishly illustrated by the amazing Richard Kirk with an introduction by Clive. This fantastic tale will be a volume to cherish and read for generations to come!

Maximillian Bacchus is the ringmaster, ruler, guide and owner of what he considers the greatest show in the world. Traveling with a Crocodile named Malachi, a trapeze girl named Ophelia, a strong man they call Hero, which is short for Hieronymus, a clown named Domingo de Ybarrondo who paints in a wagon pulled by a giant “Ibis bird”. The troupe wanders from adventure to adventure with mythic aplomb.

From the first story, in which Indigo Murphy, the best bird handler in the world leaves the show to join in matrimony with the Duke Lorenzo de Medici, to the fabled court of Kubla Khan, the magic never stops. You will meet a young apple thief named Angelo with magic eyes, and an orang-outang named Bathsheba, and a host of other amazing characters with names and personas cut like a patchwork quilt from the mythologies (more…)