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Alexander Cipher – Will Adams’ newest is out!

Workers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb, and all work crashes to a halt. According to federal law in Egypt, all discoveries must be properly cataloged by archeologists and this tomb has unusual relics and representations, apparently contemporary with Alexander the Great.

Daniel Knox’s first love is history and archeology, specifically on Alexander the Great. When he pisses off a local mobster on the coast of Egypt, he heads to Alexandria to an archaeology colleague’s apartment to hide out for a while. He learns his friend is getting to participate on the dig for this newly discovered tomb. Sneaking in with his friend, Daniel sees signs that the find is far bigger than anyone realizes and might hold clues to finally unraveling one of the world’s greatest mysteries: Where is Alexander the Great buried?

In his lifetime, Alexander was beloved as a god, and across the Mediterranean, everyone wanted to be close to him. Upon his death, there was a mad scrabbling among his former allies to secure his empire for themselves. Even now, nearly 2500 years later, Alexander is still being fought over. With the discovery of this tomb and the revelation of its relics, the race is on to find Alexander. Rival archeologists, Egyptian officials, and Macedonian nationalists all scurry and scramble, attacking each other along the way as they hunt for a glorious prize–the body of Alexander the Great.

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Will Adams – Alexander Cipher

(, Mar 1, Mystery Girl)

Present day Alexandria where corruption is a part of life and the Supreme Council for Antiquities has the authority to start or close down excavations at will. Discovering an ancient burial ground on a hotel construction site triggers a series of events that could uncover the final resting place of one of the greatest warriors in history, Alexander the Great. In the hunt are the head of the SCA, the rich and powerful Dragoumis family and a group of archaeologists linked by more than just their profession.

Dragoumis and his son seek the body of the real Alexander a symbol that they can use to incite the Macedonian people to rise up and take back their homeland from the Greeks and they don’t care who they have to go through to get it.

A fast paced chase across Egypt with a good dose of the history of Alexander and some complicated interpersonal relationships to keep the story moving.

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Walter Mosley, Ace Atkins, Jonathan Kellerman and more

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Nearly 25 years ago we first met Alex Delaware, and he returns in his 23rd mystery in Jonathan Kellerman’s True Detectives.  Walter Mosley launches what promises to be his best series since Easy Rawlins first appeared in 1990 with The Long Fall.

Readers of historical adventure writers James Rollins, Raymond Khoury, Steve Berry and Clive Cussler take notice of Alexander Cipher, an exciting debut by newcomer Will Adams.

Ace Atkins brings the 1921 Fatty Arbuckle case alive in Devil’s Garden, and Philip Kerr’s private detective Berney Gunther travels to 1950s Argentina in A Quiet Flame.  He delivers compelling portraits of real characters such as Eva and Juan Peron, Adolf Eichmann, and Otto Skorzeny in a novel that ends up asking some highly provocative questions about the true extent of Argentina’s Nazi collaboration and anti-Semitism under the Perons.

Today’s selection is rounded out by two recent finds:  Michael Palmer’s 2007 bestseller, The Fifth Vial  and Manda Scott‘s first title in her bestselling Boudica series Dreaming The Eagle.  Quantities are limited on both, so don’t delay.

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First-Time Thrills

(Publisher’s Weekly, Nov. 24, Dick Donahue)

Eight mystery debuts

Each season publishers promise thrills and chills from first-time mystery authors. What’s the allure of these debuts, we wondered, for readers and specialty bookstores? According to Maggie Griffin, co-owner of New York City’s Partners & Crime Bookstore, “In the mystery field there’s a strong tradition of supporting each new crop of crime writers. There’s a real thrill in discovering a new talent, a sincere pleasure in helping an unknown crime writer find their readership, and it’s good business to cultivate a customer base that’ll pull out their credit cards when you say, ‘Buy this mystery, you won’t regret it.’ ” Griffin contends that introducing new writers to customers is key to the success of not only the writer but the independent mystery bookstore itself, which depends on establishing a trust with return customers. “We read the books we sell and we listen.”

What follows is a selection of promising first-timers coming in early 2009.

by Josh Bazell
(Little, Brown, Jan.)
First printing: 100,000
Plot: Dr. Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan’s worst hospital, with a talent for medicine and a shady past. Pietro “Bearclaw” Brnwa is a former mob hit man in the witness protection program. When Dr. Brown’s new patient realizes he looks a lot like “Bearclaw,” the mob, the government and death itself start to descend upon the hospital—and Peter has 24 hours to beat the reaper.
Author’s inspiration: “I read The Godfather and Jaws over the summer between fourth and fifth grades. People should be more careful with those things. (Coma was around that time, also.) I’ve been working at being a novelist ever since. At least it wasn’t Love Story and Flowers in the Attic.”
Clues to success: According to executive editor Reagan Arthur, “This book grabs readers by the throat—or, eventually, around the shin—and refuses to let go. Voice, action, humor, heart, wild originality combined with an obvious love for the traditions of classic crime fiction.”
Body count: Roughly a dozen—but they deserved it.
Hollywood pitch: House calls on The Sopranos. (more…)