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News from John about Blake Crouch’s New Thriller “Run”

See Jack.

See Jack run.

Run Jack, run.

Run for your life!

Last week Blake Crouch shared his new novel with me.  RUN is now available only as an eBook (we’d love to produce a hardcover edition for collectors. . .more later).  I downloaded it and started reading it on Sunday evening.  I finished it at 1:06 pm on Monday, and five minutes later I had Blake on the phone.

“Wow, you are really twisted!  What a ride.  I read it in one sitting”

I’d tell you more about our conversation, but it would reveal too much of the story and serve to spoil your reading.  I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a high impact read.  Blood, gore, violence, and unrelenting suspense ring my bell.  This story has it all.

I know that Blake and David Morrell are friends, and the ultimate compliment that I can offer is that the story is somewhat reminiscent of Morrell’s classic, Testament, which I told David is the most depressing book I ever read.

I first discovered Blake with the release of his first book, (more…)