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Karin Slaughter Undone

Bestseller Slaughter brings together characters from her two series for the first time with electrifying results. Dr. Sara Linton, who lost her husband in 2007’s Beyond Reach, has left rural Grant County for a new life in an underfunded Atlanta hospital. Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents Faith Mitchell and Will Trent, last seen in 2008’s Fractured, happen to be in the hospital’s ER when a woman known only as “Anna” arrives. Anna was hit by a car after escaping from an unknown captor, whose underground torture chamber Will soon uncovers near the accident site, along with the body of a second woman he believes was held in the same bunker. When another woman is snatched, Faith and Will realize they’re chasing a sadistic serial killer. As the GBI agents try to connect the victims, Sara becomes more involved in the investigation, even as it dredges up painful memories from her past. Slaughter ups the emotional ante with every twist and turn in this disturbing thriller.

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(Publisher’s Weekly, June 1)

Karin Slaughter – Beyond Reach

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“I want to show violence for what it is.  For so long, women weren’t expected to talk about these crimes, even though we were more likely to be the victims. . . . when I was growing up, these subjects were ‘boys only’ territory in fiction, so I find it refreshing to see authors like Mo hayder and Denise Mina really opening up the conversation about abuse and sexual assault.  This isn’t to say that men are not capable of writing about these topics, only that women authors bring a different perspective.”

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