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Kellerman’s Bones has 900,000 in print

(Publisher’s Weekly, Mar. 23)

“Steve Brandt walked us out to a faux-cobblestone motor court, used a clicker to hld his front gate open.  ‘So he’s clear?’ ‘So far, sir.’  ‘Trust me, Officers, he’s too dumb to kill anyone.’ Smiling with sour satisfaction, he walked back to the heat and light of his home.”

From Bones, Jonathan Kellerman‘s latest Alex Delaware novel, with has 900,000 copies in print.

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Invitation to ‘Delaware’

(Free Lance-Star, Nov. 23, Laura L. Hutchison)

A volunteer at L.A.’s Bird Marsh gets a call he assumes is a prank. He’s told there’s something dead buried in the marsh.

But when one woman’s body, and then more, turn up in the marsh, it’s no laughing matter.

Homicide detective Milo Sturgis calls in Jonathan Kellerman‘s famous psychologist, Alex Delaware, in “Bones,” the latest in his series of more than two dozen crime novels.

Most of the dead women are prostitutes, but one, Selena Bass, who gives private piano lessons to a wealthy family’s musical prodigy, is suspiciously out of place.

A suspect quickly emerges, but the detective and psychologist aren’t willing to settle for answers that seem too easy.

Delaware is one of Kellerman’s great characters, and “Bones” is typically suspenseful. Many readers may suspect the true criminal early on, but the (more…)

Jonathan Kellerman

(Publisher’s Weekly, Nov. 3)

In a q&a on his web site, Jonthan Kellerman talks about his relationship with his wife, Faye, also a bestselling author, and how it’s not competitive: “Being married for thirteen years before either of us published fiction may have helped-our relationship was solidified.  Another boon might have been the fact that neither of us rose through the ranksk of a back-biting English department. . . . It’s great living with someone who understands why you need to get up at 3 a.m. and rewrite a phrase.”

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