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Book Collecting 101: Graphic Novels


Intro to Alien Invasion by Owen KingGraphic novels are best defined as book-length comics. They are often a single storyline, flowing from first page to last, and sometimes they are collections of short stories. Graphic novels, like the comic books they parallel, rely to a high degree on visual art. This art is usually combined with text, most often presented in a series of rectangular panels.

Frankenstein Prodigal Son by Dean Koontz
Comics and the graphic novel evolved from the “funny papers,” enabling a longer story to be told than in the limited space granted by newspaper formats. The name notwithstanding, not all comics are funny. Many emphasize broader themes that feature complex drama and well-developed characterization.

Among purists the term graphic novel has become contentious. Since the 1970s, experts in the field have ventured to define comics as an “academic discipline,” worthy of specialization in publishing. A debate over the term “graphic novel” may challenge this definition. To most readers, the word “comic” refers to a publication meant for children, usually available at newsstands or in comic book stores. The term “graphic novel “usually refers to a longer storyline, usually meant for a more mature audience. This format may be published in either paperback or hardback, and be found online, or in bookstores. The graphic novel usually contains more serious themes and more complex artwork than the classic comic book.

These distinctions can become somewhat confusing, because comics come in a variety of shapes and formats, and appeal to (more…)

Book Collecting 101: A Tour of the Publishing Houses

Book Collecting 101: A Tour of the Publishing Houses

John of VJ Books provides a tour of the five major English language publishing houses and their various imprints.

There seems to be a lot of interest about book publishing. As you explore your hobby, you wonder what publisher came from where or what book comes from which publisher. Publishing of modern fiction goes back to the early 19th century. In the last several decades most of the books, while there are hundreds and hundreds of publishers, are produced by the Big Six publishers. That was the case until 2012 when two of the major publishers, Penguin Putnam and Random House, merged and are now controlling a lion’s share of publishing in the English language. So let’s start looking at them. (more…)

Book Collecting 101: Grading a Book

Book Collecting 101: Grading a Book

John teaches us about the grading process that VJBooks uses and how to inspect a book in order to assess its value as a collectible.

Book Collecting 101: Remainder Marks

Book Collecting 101: Remainder Marks

April 13, 2016

YouTube Video – Book Collecting 101: Remainder Marks

John Hutchinson VJ BooksJohn explains the process of remainder marking books and how it can affect your book collection.