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Modern Signed Books – Carl Hiaasen’s Razor Girl

Modern Signed Books – Carl Hiaasen talks about his new book, Razor Girl

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About “Razor Girl” by Carl Hiaasen

Razor Girl by Carl HiaasenA lovable con woman and a disgraced detective team up to find a redneck reality TV star in this raucous and razor-sharp new novel from Carl Hiaasen, the bestselling author of Bad Monkey.

Merry Mansfield, the eponymous Razor Girl, specializes in kidnapping for the mob. Her preferred method is rear-ending her targets and asking them for a ride. Her latest mark is Martin Trebeaux, owner of a private beach renourishment company who has delivered substandard sand to a mob hotel. But there’s just one problem: Razor Girl hits the wrong guy. Instead, she ends up with Lane Coolman, talent manager for Buck Nance, the star of a reality TV show about a family of Cajun rooster farmers. Buck Nance, left to perform standup at a Key West bar without his handler, makes enough off-color jokes to incite a brawl, then flees for his life and vanishes.

Now a routine promotional appearance has become a missing persons case. And Andrew Yancy, disgraced detective-turned-health inspector, is on the job. That the Razor Girl may be the key to Yancy’s future will be as surprising to him as anything else he encounters along the way—including the giant Gambian pouched rats that are haunting his restaurant inspections.

Carl Hiaasen – Scat

(Publisher’s Weekly, Mar. 9)

Scat, Carl Hiaasen‘s latest novel, takes readers into the Florida Everglades, where crooked developers want to drill for oil in a swamp that’s home to an endangered Florida panther.  In an interview with Children’s Bookshelf, the author commented on the strength of YA fiction sales, at a time when sales of adult books are flat or worse.  “It would have never have occurred to me that with the iPods and Wii and Xboxes and all the other distractions kids have, that there would be this tremendous makret for the kind of books I write,” Hiaasen said.  “I think it shows you kids are insatiable in the same way I was when i was a kid.  If you can tap into that you’ll have readers for life.”

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What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 16, Carlisle Webber)

Persuading adults to read YA literature

Overheard in a library: “This is a teen novel? I don’t want it then. I just want regular James Patterson.” The patron was holding the copy of Maximum Ride that she had requested.

Among a blog’s comments: “I’m an adult who loves YA fiction, but I always feel so embarrassed by looking through the YA section of the local library.”

Every day, those of us who advocate for young adult literature hear statements like these, which not only devalue the genre but show us that too many adults believe that YA is either junk or best appreciated by 10-year-olds. We roll our eyes when yet another media outlet writes about this newfangled genre of literature, one that consists solely of Harry Potter, Gossip Girl and the Twilight saga (and maybe some other vampire books if (more…)

“Scat” – the latest title for young readers by Carl Hiaasen.

Scat - Carl Hiaasen

Scat - Carl Hiaasen

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“Once again, Hiaasen has written an edge-of-the-seat eco-thriller. When their unpopular biology teacher goes missing in a suspicious fire during a field trip to the Black Vine Swamp, Nick and Marta don’t buy the headmaster’s excuse for her absence and decide to do some investigating of their own. Eco-avengers; an endangered, hunted panther; illegal pipelines in the Everglades; and an underachieving student with the nickname “Smoke” all play a part in this gripping novel.  ” – School Library Journal

Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida, where he still lives with his family.

A graduate of the University of Florida, at age 23 he joined The Miami Herald as a general assignment reporter and went on to work for the newspaper’s weekly magazine and prize-winning investigations team.