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Children and Young Adult titles

(, Sept. 2008)

Did you know that some of the bestselling authors of adult fiction also write for younger readers?
Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry, Rick Riordan, Clive Barker, Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard, Clive Cussler, and Carl Hiaasen are just a few of those turning their remarkable abilities to tell a story to a younger audience.
I must admit that more than one of these books have found their way onto my reading table, and we have shared all three of the Peter Pan books by Pearson/Barry with our kids.  They were exciting, and a pure delight to read aloud.
For the young and the young at heart, these books make great gifts and are a welcome addition to any collection!  On our link “Children and Young Adult” we’ve given you a little background on just a few of these creative and inspiring authors.

read this b4 u publish :-)

(Publisher’s Weekly, Max Leon, Nov. 10)

I am of that population segment that is constantly derided as “not reading anymore,” and is therefore treated by publishing companies as a vast, mysterious demographic that’s seemingly impossible to please. Kind of like the way teenage boys think of girls. The reason we read so little in our free time is partially because of the literary choices available to teenagers these days. The selection of teen literature is even more barren now that the two great dynasties, Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl, have released their final installments. Those two massive successes blended great characters, humor (more…)