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VJ Books Begins Presale of Signed Limited Edition Copies of The Terror by Author Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons, the award-winning author of Olympos, Ilium, and The Hyperion Cantos, has received the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and British Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards, among many others.

Signed limited edition copies of The Terror by Dan Simmons are now available for pre-order through VJ Books (  This special edition printing is limited to 500 signed numbered copies. 


Bestselling author Lincoln Child says, “The Terror is nothing less than a revelation. Dan Simmons is a giant among novelists, and I am in awe of his achievement.”

 The story begins in the spring of 1845; Sir John Franklin leads a company of two ships and 130 men on a hazardous voyage to the remote, uncharted Arctic. His goal: to locate and map the legendary Northwest Passage. Two years later, the expedition, which began in a spirit of optimism and high purpose, faces disaster. Franklin is dead. The two ships — the Erebus and the Terror — are hopelessly trapped by gigantic, shifting ice floes. Supplies are dwindling, and the crews struggle daily against lethal, unimaginably frigid conditions. And something — some Thing — is stalking the survivors, spreading death, suffering, and chaos in its remorseless wake.

About Dan Simmons:  Dan’s first published story appeared on Feb. 15, 1982, the day his daughter, Jane Kathryn, was born.  He’s always attributed that coincidence to “helping in keeping things in perspective when it comes to the relative importance of writing and life.”

Simmons has been a full-time writer since 1987 and lives along the Front Range of Colorado — in the same town where he taught for 14 years — with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Jane, (when she’s home from Hamilton College) and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fergie. He does much of his writing at Windwalker — their mountain property and cabin at 8,400 feet of altitude at the base of the Continental Divide, just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. An 8-ft.-tall sculpture of the Shrike — a thorned and frightening character from the four Hyperion/Endymion novels — was sculpted by an ex-student and friend, Clee Richeson, and the sculpture

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Q & A: Dan Simmons, author of “Drood”

(The Seattle Times, Feb. 15, Mary Ann Gwinn)

Say “Charles Dickens,” and most 21st-century citizens think of a benevolent bearded fellow with a holly wreath around his neck. The famous English author helped invent today’s Christmas by publishing “A Christmas Carol,” a fable so universally popular that Tiny Tim’s turkey banished roast goose as the English Christmas meal.

More serious students of Dickens know he had a darker side. He wandered the dismal working-class precincts of 19th-century London for research; he had an enormous ego; he practiced mesmerism (now called hypnotism). His account of the murder of Nancy by Bill Sikes in “Oliver Twist” ranks as one of the most chilling scenes in English literature.

Now novelist Dan Simmons has written “Drood,” (Little,Brown,775pp.), based on the troubled last years of Dickens’ life. The author’s health was failing. He had banished his wife and mother of his 10 children from the household and was entangled in a likely affair with a young actress.

And he was composing “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” the darkest and most death-obsessed of his books. Dickens died before he finished it.

Simmons takes this material and creates a creepy, baroque and often hilariously tongue-in-cheek portrait of Dickens and his “frenemy,” the mystery writer Wilkie Collins.

Collins narrates “Drood.” His jealousy of Dickens swells and seethes as he becomes ever more detached from reality, courtesy of a kill-an-ox opium habit; he keeps company with a green-skinned woman and his own doppleganger, The Other Wilkie. As for the “Drood” character himself — he’s a sinister, eyelid-less (more…)

Dan Simmons – Drood

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 23)

Simmons kicked off an eight-city tour in Denver, his hometown, on Feb. 16; he’ll end up on Feb. 25.  Film rights to Drood have been sold to Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth).  According to Publisher’s Weekly starred review, “Despite the book’s length, readers will race through the pages, drawn by the intricate plot and the proliferation of intriguing psychological puzzles, which will remind many of the work of Charles Palliser and Michael Cox.”

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