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Bestselling Author Gayle Lynds Launches New Thriller Series with The Book of Spies

book-of-spies-gayle-lynds1Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Spymaster, The Coil, Masquerade, and Mosaic has released The Book of Spies (St. Martin’s Press, March 2010), the first novel in her new thriller series.  Signed first editions of The Book of Spies are available at VJ Books (

The Library of Gold is not your average local library-it’s a long-lost archive containing gold-covered, bejeweled books dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks.  The Book of Spies-one of the volumes from the Library of Gold-has surfaced and along with it the secret book club that owns the legendary Library of Gold.  The club consists of a league of the world’s most powerful men – men who will do anything to achieve their aims and protect their interests.

When the CIA discovers a connection between the legendary library and a bank account linked to terrorists, they turn to rare books curator Eva Blake for help.  Soon an attempt is made on Eva’s life. Determined not only to survive but to uncover… (more…)

A Conversation with James Rollins

Bestseller James Rollins delivers his sixth Sigma Force thriller, The Doomsday Key

How do you get started on a book?

It starts with a box, a cardboard lawyer’s file box. Into that box goes anything that might make a story: a stray idea that pops into my head, an article from the latest Scientific American, a note jotted while watching the History Channel and so on. Once a month, I sift through that box and cull anything that no longer interests me. But during that process, by pure chance, odd bits end up next to each other on the floor: a piece of history that ends in a question mark, a bit of science that makes me go “what if?” And in that moment, I discover a possible story.

Do you know when you start where you’re going to end up?

Here you raise a common author conundrum: do you outline your stories or do you write organically? I’ve sat on conference panels where authors on both sides of this divide have discussed their process. In the end, the panel usually ends up in a fistfight—sometimes figuratively, (more…)

James Rolllins – The Doomsday Key

Bestseller Rollins’s labyrinthine sixth Sigma Force thriller (after The Last Oracle) offers plenty of intriguing science and history lessons. Sigma Force director Painter Crowe gathers the usual crew—Cmdr. Grayson Pierce; Pierce’s best friend, Monk Kokkalis; lumbering Joe Kowalski—to discover why an experimental agriculture site in Africa has been attacked and razed, killing everyone, including a U.S. senator’s son. “The future of mankind” may depend, they learn, on the “Doomsday key,” a strange substance brought to England long ago by ancient Egyptians that holds the promise of a new and powerful medicine. A few of the book’s many highlights include genetic manipulation, traitorous beautiful women, illuminated manuscripts, saints, prophecies, curses and miracles. Rollins deftly juggles all this and more as the Sigma team races from the depths of the Vatican to the outer reaches of Norway toward an explosive confrontation with the shadowy forces of evil known as the Guild. (June)

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(Publisher’s Weekly, Apr 27)