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Leonard Elmore and the FX Series “Justified”

“I’m Raylan Givens, deputy United States marshal.”

“You mind telling me who you are?”

Who’s Raylan Givens you may ask? . . . He’s the main character in the FX series Justified, now in its second season.  Developed by Graham Yost (Boomtown, Speed) and starring Timothy Olyphant (Damages, Deadwood), Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, including Leonard’s short story Fire in the Hole.

For U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, the lead character in FX’s outstanding drama “Justified,” the line between friend and foe has never been easy to figure out. That’s because Raylan’s story comes from the mind of the dean of gritty crime novelists.

“Elmore’s world is always less about good guys and bad guys and people who respect each other and people who don’t,” said Timothy Olyphant, who perfectly captures modern-day cowboy Raylan. “It comes down to who’s cool and who’s an a**hole.”

When the Women Come Out to Dance by Elmore LeonardAfter recently discovering Justified, Virginia and I have quickly become fans of this show.   It’s based on a short story found in the collection When Women Come Out To Dance.

I grabbed a copy from our shelves and Virginia and I read the story aloud.  I became an immediate Raylan Givens fan, and starting reading Riding The Rap, one of two Leonard novels (the other being Pronto) featuring the eastern Kentucky marshall.  The word on the street is that with the response the characters are getting that Leonard is considering bringing them back in his future books.

Elmore Leonard’s novels offer street-smart dialogue and fast-moving action in a world where you can’t always tell the good guys from the bad, although you know the bad are going to be in the majority (and may very likely win in the end).  Leonard manages to mix serious crime with mindless mayhem, geared to his cynical yet somehow moral view of the world.

If you haven’t read Elmore Leonard, please add him to your reading list.  I took a break from my regular reading to re-discover Leonard and am pleased that we have a good selection to choose from.  Check one out, the action will be Justified!

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‘Road Dogs’: More Leonard made for Hollywood

The author’s 43rd novel brings back bank robber Jack Foley, who was portrayed by George Clooney in ‘Out of Sight.’ Cowboy movies and Hemingway made Leonard a writer.  Screenplays made him rich.

1. Visualize Harry Dean Stanton.

Head north out of Detroit on I-75 past 8 Mile Road and you get to Bloomfield Hills, the wealthy suburb where Elmore Leonard lives. Although he was born in New Orleans in 1925, the 83-year-old novelist grew up in Detroit and has lived in the area all his life. In several of his novels, Bloomfield Hills is the scene of home invasions, shootouts and kidnappings.

Leonard writes at an oak table in an airy ground-floor sitting room. The table has a few neat piles of research paper, the yellow legal pads he uses to write longhand and a big ashtray. He and his second wife, Joan, bought this house in 1987. She died of cancer in 1993, and now Leonard lives here with his third wife, Christine. He has four grown children from his first marriage, a dozen grandkids and three great-grandchildren.

Every one of Leonard‘s books is still in print. Virtually every novel he has written has been sold to Hollywood. This month, he’s publishing his 43rd novel, “Road Dogs” (William Morrow: 262 pp.).

Road Dogs” is a sequel of sorts to “Out of Sight,” which was made into a movie by Steven Soderbergh, starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. In this new book, bank robber Jack Foley (Clooney’s character) has been sprung from prison and is living in Venice, Calif., where his life (more…)

Elmore Leonard – Road Dogs

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 2)

Leonard launches three characters from previous novels on a collision course in this seemingly effortless performance. After prison buddy Cundo Rey (last seen in LaBrava) drops a bundle on a shark attorney, celebrity bank robber Jack Foley (from Out of Sight) gets his 30-year prison sentence reduced to 30 months. Jack’s quickly back in the world, living large in one of Cundo’s two multimillion-dollar houses in Venice, Calif., juggling a fast seduction with fortune-teller (from Riding the Rap) Dawn Navarro (who is now Cundo’s lady) and the untoward attention of rogue FBI agent Lou Adams, who’s waiting for Foley to rob another bank. While Dawn tries to enlist Foley in a scheme to steal Cundo’s off-the-books fortune, Cundo surprises them with an early release. Betrayal simmers while Foley considers going semi-straight—with the help of a widowed starlet—Dawn hatches a plan that could get her rich and rid her of all her problems, and Cundo’s associates and neighborhood toughs get sucked into the fray. The plot isn’t as tight as it could be, but Leonard’s singular way with words is reason enough to read it. (May)

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