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Erin Brockovich Thriller Available!

Erin Brokovich

It’s been ten years since Julia Roberts starred in the Oscar-winning movie Erin Brockovich.  Brockovich is the environmental activist who was instrumental in building the water contamination case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company in the small California town of Hinkley.

Since that monumental 1993 victory, Brockovich has continued to fight for environmental protection worldwide as President of Brockovich Research and Consulting.

Already recognized as a New York Times bestselling author, Brockovich now brings us her debut thriller, Rock Bottom, the first in a series of novels that introduces one of the most fascinating and memorable characters in suspense fiction.

Ten years ago, a pregnant seventeen-year-old, Angela Joy Palladino, fled her hometown, Scotia, West Virginia, as a pariah.  Over time, AJ succeeded in establishing herself as an environmental activist, dubbed “The People’s Champion,” only to be forced to retreat from the spotlight in the wake of a crushing media disaster.  When AJ is offered a job (more…)