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Mystery loves company: an evening with the crime-writing Kellermans

(Publisher’s Weekly, Apr 6)

On March 26 it was a family affair at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library, as Jonathan Kellerman joined his wife, Faye, and son, Jesse, novelists all, for a conversation on the art of writing mysteries.  Jonathan Kellerman no doubt felt right at home – he’s a professor at the university’s Keck School of Medicine.  According to event organizer Cynthia Gellis, the “large and enthusiastic crowd was fascinated to hear the Kellermans talk about each of their own processes – it was a great family dynamic.”  Ballantine reports 285,000 copies of True Detectives in print.

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Jonathan Kellerman

(Publisher’s Weekly, Nov. 3)

In a q&a on his web site, Jonthan Kellerman talks about his relationship with his wife, Faye, also a bestselling author, and how it’s not competitive: “Being married for thirteen years before either of us published fiction may have helped-our relationship was solidified.  Another boon might have been the fact that neither of us rose through the ranksk of a back-biting English department. . . . It’s great living with someone who understands why you need to get up at 3 a.m. and rewrite a phrase.”

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Faye Kellerman Speaks

(From Faye Kellerman‘s website)

“Every writer essentially deals with three books-the one that’s being published, the one that is being actively writtenn and the one that’s being conceived.  That’s a lot of mental juggling.  To unwind, I exercise, I read, I watch TV and I love to garden. There is something so utterly grtifying watching things grow.  I love roses and I love my herb garden and I have a mini-orchard at the back of my property.  Mostly citrus, but also avocado, apples, pears, loquats and figs. It’s a great bounty if the squirrels don’t get them.”

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