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Scare Masters!

Let talk about scary books!

Desert Places by Blake CrouchI know this posting probably seems like it would be more appropriate for October but I just read the new R.L Stine novel, Red Rain, and it got me thinking about my favorite scary books. My all-time favorite author, that consistently give me the creeps and makes me scared to read my book in the dark, is none other than Blake Crouch.

I first stepped into the scary world he created, in Desert Places (2004). I had never read a book that scared me and kept me sucked in quite like this one. I eagerly read the next two books in his Andrew Z. Thomas series, Locked Doors (2005) and Stirred (2012). What a completely horrifying and exhilarating ride that was! He definitely tops my scare-o-meter.

I was excited to read the new R.L. Stine since when I was younger I was a huge fan of his Goosebumps series. Red Rain was an entertaining read however, thanks to Mr. Crouch, I can say that I wasn’t as terrified as I’ve come accustom to when reading horror novels. In a hope to step things up in the scary department, I’ve recently picked up Ash by James Herbert. Daily Mail of the U.K. says “Guaranteed to give you nightmares.” One can only hope, I’ll have to find out how many sleepless nights I’ll have from this terror. The Daily Mirror of the U.K. says “The kind of horror story where you think things can’t get any more grim-then they do….A ghoulishly compelling page-turner.” I’m getting pretty excited about this one.

I hope to finish the novel within the next week and will be sure to let you know where it rates on my scare-o-meter. Personally, I am hoping that it gives Blake Crouch a run for his money, I love a good scare.

Who is your favorite “scare master”?


Interview with Brad Thor

Interview with Brad Thor about his latest novel Black List


Black List Brad ThorThe Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas interviews Brad Thor.  Thor also  talks about his latest novel, Black List.


Ridley Pearson is our Author of the Month!

Kingdom Keepers 4

I first met Ridley Pearson in 1988 on his tour for Undercurrents, as he, along with Lou Boldt and Daphne Matthews, made there way to Tower Books in east Portland.  It was my first author signing and I was electrified as I stood in line waiting for him to sign my lone copy of Undercurrents.  I still have that book.  He inscribed it, “To John, watch out for The Angel Maker, Ridley Pearson.”  From that day forward I have been a book collector, and as such have every book he has written since.

Boldt and Matthews became regular visitors to my house each year.  In off years they would send others in their place, sometimes Chris Klick and more recently Walt Fleming.  There was even an odd visit one year by Ellen Rimbauer.

The excitement grew to a fever pitch when Peter and the Starcatchers reached our home.  Mitchell was 7 at the time and Evan had just turned 4.  Every evening we would read from “Starcatchers.”  The conclusion of each night’s reading you could hear the echo of young boy voices “one more chapter dad!”  We read the sequels in the same way, as Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, and Peter and the Sword of Mercy finally arrived.

Ridley with co-author Dave Barry

The boys are older now, (more…)

Author News: Phil Mercer and the Jungle with Jack DuBrul

Jack DuBrulToday is the official laydown date for THE JUNGLE, so I thought I’d give Jack DuBrul a call and see how he feels about his latest collaboration with Clive Cussler. It seemed a shame to take him away from his writing, but I always enjoy talking with him.

Jack says that THE JUNGLE is probably his favorite Oregon Files book, and he sounds pleased with the twist he adds to the ending of the story.

From the “news fit to print” category, Phil Mercer lives! Jack is “hard” at work on the long awaited new Phil Mercer story. He is unwilling to share his working title, but did say that I can report that the story revolves around the global warming controversy, and starts with the long lost aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart. As a long time fan of the series I was pleased to learn last fall that Jack would take a break from the Oregon Files to flesh out the Mercer tale that has been rattling around in his head for a couple of years.

So save a weekend sometime in the months ahead to head back to Tiny’s Bar, where you can slide onto a stool next to Harry White, order a Vodka Gimlet and wait for Phil Mercer to make an appearance.

I have it on good authority that he is on his way.

– John