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Upcoming books from Lawrence Block, Greg Rucka, James Huston, Chuck Palahnuik, Sarah Waters, Craig Johnson, Glen David Gold and Peter De Jonge

We are pleased to bring you great new titles by some wonderful authors.  Larwrence Block, Greg Rucka,  and James Huston have been some of our top selling authors for years, and what could we possibly say about a new Chuck Palahnuik title except “stand back!”   The Little Stranger, is the eagerly anticipated fifth novel by Sarah Waters

I just read, and greatly enjoyed Craig Johnson’s Another Man’s Moccasins, and am looking forward to spending more time with Sheriff Longmire in The Dark Horse.
In 2001 Glen David Gold rocked the publishing world with Carter Beats the Devil.  He’s back with Sunnyside, a novel about Charlie Chaplin and the rise of Hollywood.  This book is sure to be in high demand.

Peter De Jonge steps out of James Patterson’s shadow with an edgy, electrifying, dark and riveting debut, Shadows Still Remain.

 So the buzz has begun with the announcement that Dan Brown‘s The Lost Symbol is to be released on September 15th.  With a mega first run of 5 million copies the publisher is pumping truckloads of money hyping this book, riding on what’s left of the Da Vinci Code success, right on the tail of the spring release of Angels and Demons the movie.  We are not sure whether we will be able to offer signed copies of this title, but will certainly let you know when we do. 
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James W. Huston – Marine One

(Publisher’s Weekly, Mar. 9)

Bestseller Huston (Secret Justice) grabs the reader by the lapels with the opening sentence of the first chapter of this outstanding thriller: “If my radio alarm had gone off, I would have known the president was dead.” During a violent thunderstorm, President James Adams takes off in Marine One from the White House for a supersecret meeting at Camp David. A few miles out, the helicopter begins to disintegrate and plunges to the ground, killing everyone aboard. The helicopter’s French company, WorldCopter, hires Annapolis attorney Mike Nolan to defend it against charges of criminal responsibility. Mike soon finds there are a number of possible culprits to pin the crash on, including the rabidly conservative Marine Corps pilot and the mysterious men who were awaiting the president at Camp David. Mike powers the case forward, even though the government warns him away and assassins attempt to kill him. This is nonstop legal suspense at its best. (May)

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