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James Lee Burke is the July 2010 Favorite Author of the Month at VJ Books

NY Times Bestselling Author James Lee Burke is VJ Books July 2010 Favorite Author

The Glas Rainbow by James Lee BurkeJames Lee Burke’s eagerly awaited new novel finds Detective Dave Robicheaux back in New Iberia, Louisiana, and embroiled in the most harrowing and dangerous case of his career. Seven young women in neighboring Jefferson Davis Parish have been brutally murdered. While the crimes have all the telltale signs of a serial killer, the death of Bernadette Latiolais, a high school honor student, doesn’t fit: she is not the kind of hapless and marginalized victim psychopaths usually prey upon. Robicheaux and his best friend, Clete Purcel, confront Herman Stanga, a notorious pimp and crack dealer whom both men despise. When Stanga turns up dead shortly after a fierce beating by Purcel, in front of numerous witnesses, the case takes a nasty turn, and Clete’s career and life are hanging by threads over the abyss.

Two time Edgar winner Burke has written what is being hailed as his best novel featuring former police detective Dave Robicheaux. The Glass Rainbow has received starred reviews and high praise from every reviewer including…


“The Glass Rainbow” by James Lee Burke

Beloved Burke hero Detective Dave Robicheaux returns to New Iberia to solve a series of grisly murders.

The sights, smells, and sounds of the Louisiana bayous become sensory experiences in Burke’s novels, and death is a constant presence that threatens to overwhelm his angels with “tarnished wings.”

Set against the backdrop of an Edenic paradise threatened by pernicious forces, James Lee Burke’s The Glass Rainbow is already being hailed as perhaps the best novel in the Robicheaux series.

Grandmaster Burke spins a tale of colorful prose and epic confrontations

MWA Grandmaster Burke spins a tale replete with colorful prose and epic confrontations in his second novel to feature smalltown Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland (after Lay Down My Sword and Shield). An anonymous phone call leads Holland, a Korean vet who survived a POW camp, to the massacre and burial site of nine Thai women, a crime that brings FBI and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials running. As a slew of bad guys relocated from New Orleans after Katrina grapple for advantage in new territory, mercurial killer “Preacher” Jack Collins finds plenty of work. Pete Flores, a possible witness to the massacre, and his girlfriend are targeted by Collins for elimination, and by the FBI for bait. Holland must protect the hapless Flores and his girl from both. Three strong female characters complement the full roster of sharply drawn lowlifes. The battle of wills and wits between Holland and Collins delivers everything Burke’s fans expect.

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Ask John about UK and US Editions

In the UK first editions are published as trade paper backs. Historically hard covers were printed only for library use, until US collectors started demanding hardcovers from UK publishers. Nevertheless, UK runs are shorter. This combined with the value of the dollar vs. the pound and transportation costs results in UK editions costing about double their US counterparts upon release. The short run quantities result in a higher after-market increase in UK editions.
The first appearance, or true first edition, of many of our most popular sellers are in editions published in the UK.  Many collectors appreciate these books for their superb jacket art and are pleased to add them to their collections.  VJ Books offers a wide variety of these signed and unsigned UK editions from popular authors such as James Lee Burke, Michael Crichton and Robert McCammon.

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