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Janet Evanovich trips and breaks foot during book signing!

Janet Evanovich’s eventful book tour launched with a June 23 street fair in her honor in Cherry Hill, N.J., where the B&N store and locatl mall ran contests, gave out gift cards and served food from area restaurants, all leading up to an evening signing:  six hours, 2,500 people.  When a wheelchair-bound fan at a Toronto Chapter’s Bookstore event the next day requested a photo with Evanovich, she happily obliged.  Heading toward the person, however, she tripped on a riser, fell and broker her foot.  But the show must go on, and 500 books later she was done.  Onto Chicago the next morning:  X-rays, a temporary cast and an evening signing.  Signings in Atlanta and Fort Myers, Fla., followed.  Can you say “trouper”?  St. Martin’s reports six to eight weeks in a cast for Evanovich, and two million copies in print of her latest opus.

(Publisher’s Weekly, July 6)

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A mid-year look at the bestsellers

Here’s a look at Publisher’s Weekly fiction bestsellers as we reach the half-year.  It’s become increasingly hard of late for authors to hold onto the #1 spot, but this year seems tougher still.  Of the 18 authors who have nabbed that perch, only three – John Grisham, The Associate; Janet Evanovich, Plum Spooky; and Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care – have exceeded a week’s stay.  Such bestseller veterans as Michael Connelly, James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Mary Higgins Clark and others have managed only one week on top.  Of this year’s fiction newcomers, the five longest-running tenures to date are David Baldacci (First Family, nine weeks and counting); James Patterson (Run for Your Life, nine weeks); James Patterson (The 8th Confession, seven weeks); Maeve Binchy (Heart and Soul, seven weeks) and W.E.B. Griffin (Black Ops, seven weeks).

(Publisher’s Weekly, June 29)

Janet Evanovich – An Introduction

When plucky Stephanie Plum lost her job as a lingerie buyer, she had little other choice than to take a position working for her cousin Vinnie’s bail-bonds office where she’d spend her days and nights hunting down fugitives, solving mysteries, and falling ass-backwards into adventure. Come to think of it, Ms. Plum has more than a little in common with her creator Janet Evanovich.

Much like the panty-pushing Plum, Evanovich once made her trade in erotica as a romance novelist for the Bantam series “Loveswept.” Tiring of the genre and finding herself increasingly fixated on crime, mystery, and the kind of adventures she came to love through comic books like Uncle Scrooge, she decided to ditch steamy stories in favor of off-the-wall humor and feats of daring. As Evanovich said on her website, “after twelve romance novels I ran out of sexual positions and decided to move into the mystery genre.”

The resulting Stephanie Plum Mysteries reflect Evanovich’s love for comics, toys, shoe-shopping, Cheez Doodles, and beer. Evanovich also created a memorable character that shares many of the author’s distinctive traits, such as her self-effacing, dirty-minded wit. The Plum Mysteries are never anything less than entertaining, hilarious, and refreshing in every way.

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The 5 Richest Authors in the World

(, Nov. 26)

Forbes Magazine has released its list of the world’s highest paid authors. In a year when financial returns are a great source of consternation, some writers have still managed to rake in the cash. Top of the list is unsurprisingly J.K Rowling who managed to make $300 million over the course of the year. The Harry Potter franchise has generated $4.5 billion dollars since Rowling published the first of the stories dealing with young Harry and his magical exploits in 1998 catapulting the author from an existence as a single mother on welfare to the billionaire status in just ten years.

Second on the list is the ever productive James Patterson who made $50 million dollars this year. Patterson churns out his novels at the rate of at least two a year and has already sold more than 150 million books worldwide.

Third place goes to the king of horror Stephen King with $45 million made this year. The one time school teacher has published over 40 books and sold more than 350 million copies since the publication of Carrie in 1974.

Fourth place belongs to Tom Clancy, king of the political thriller and creator of Jack Ryan star of novels such as Patriot Games, The Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger. Last year Clancy sold videogame rights to Ubisoft for an estimated $100 million.

And finally in fifth place is the queen of the romance novel Danielle Steel who earned $30 million this year. Steel’s books (more than 70 titles) have been published in 47 countries and 28 languages and she also has an Elizabeth Arden perfume and a San Francisco art gallery on her resume.

Nicholas Sparks, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, Dean Koontz and Ken Follett round up the list for this year.