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Author John ConnollyLike many journalism or English grads John Connolly was working as a reporter. In between assignments for Irish Times in Dublin, he began working on his novel — a mystery. Oddly, he set the book on the east coast of United States, and he boldly gave his protagonist a very famous American name: Charlie “Bird” Parker.

Every Dead Thing by John ConnollyMost authors suffer tales of rejection, but for Connolly his formula worked. The book, “Every Dead Thing,” became an instant bestseller and was nominated for a Bram Stoker award, named an L.A. Times book of the year, and went on to win the Shamus Award for Best First Private Eye Novel. Not too bad.

Connolly gave up his day job and began to write fiction full time. In just a little over fifteen years, he has written another dozen Charlie Parker mysteries, and another ten suspense titles. And he has continued to win awards: The Edgar, the Agatha, the Anthony, and the Macavity. He has been nominated for over ten more.

So as he sits in the converted attic of his house, long and narrow, with sloping ceilings, occasionally hitting his head, pursuing his daily writing goal – we can be assured that another memorable thrill ride in coming our way.


John Connolly – VJ Books Author of the Month October 2014

John Connolly – VJ Books Author of the Month October 2014

John Connolly’s Next Pulse-Pounding Thriller

John ConnollyJohn Connolly was born in Dublin, studied English at Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper.

His first novel, Every Dead Thing, was published in 1999, and introduced the character of Charlie Parker, a former policeman hunting the killer of his wife and daughter. Dark Hollow followed in 2000. The third Parker novel, The Killing Kind, was published in 2001, with The White Road following in 2002. In 2003, John published his fifth novel—and first stand-alone book—Bad Men. In 2004, Nocturnes, a collection of novellas and short stories, was added to the list, and 2005 marked the publication of the fifth Charlie Parker novel, The Black Angel. John’s seventh novel, The Book of Lost Things, a story about fairy stories and the power that books have to shape our world and our imaginations, was published in September 2006, followed by the next Parker novel, The Unquiet, in 2007, The Reapers, in 2008 The Lovers, in 2009, and The Whisperers, the ninth Charlie Parker novel, in 2010. The tenth Charlie Parker novel, The Burning Soul, was published in 2011, to be followed in 2012 by The Wrath of Angels. THE WOLF IN WINTER, the twelfth Parker novel, is releasing in October.

The Wolf in Winter by John ConnollyTHE WOLF IN WINTER finds the Charlie Parker, based in Portland, Maine, still on the hunt for the serial killer known as the Collector, with his sidekicks—and comic relief—Angel and Louis in tow. Meanwhile, the seeming suicide of one of the city’s better known homeless men, Jude, diverts his attention. Before Jude’s death, Parker was intent on tracking down his estranged, wayward daughter, Annie, to try to reestablish a connection. The investigative trail leads to the wealthy, isolated town of Prosperous, Maine. Sparks—and bullets—fly when Parker starts poking his nose into the deeper secrets of Prosperous, where he finds out fast that some secrets are worth killing for. A compellingly flawed hero and a detail-rich plot make for another satisfying read.

John Connolly has produced “Ghosts,” a limited-edition CD for THE WOLF IN WINTER, similar to CD’s he’s had made for earlier Charlie Parker novels, and we will include one free with every book (while quantities last). We are pleased to name John Connolly an Author of the Month and are offering special pricing on many of his titles. Check them out here!

Follow John Connolly on Facebook here. Connolly is one of the best – don’t miss THE WOLF IN WINTER.


Just Arrived – Signed 1st UK Editions of John Connolly’s “Burning Soul” and Lee Child’s “Affair”

Signed 1st UK editions of Lee Child’s The Affair and John Connolly’s The Burning Soul are now shipping!

Book Synopis – The Wisperers by John Connolly

In 2009 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, highly decorated soldier Damien Patchett rushes outside his home with his dog Sandy. He struggles with control and forces his loyal canine to flee before pulling the trigger of the gun he holds. His distraught father hires private detective Charlie Parker to learn why his son and two other retuning vets from his unit recently committed suicide. The case turns eerie even for a man who lives partially in the paranormal. This is a great Charlie Parker thriller; perhaps the best in several years as John Connolly cleverly blends the ancient with the modern. Fast-paced, the exhilarating story line focuses on evil from ancient Sumerian times and the previous Administration’s ignoring the needs of returning soldiers many of who suffer with untreated PTSD. The Whisperers is Mr. Connolly in top form inside a strong action-packed tale.