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Co-Author Writing and Double-Signed Books

Co-Author Writing and Double-Signed Books

Article by John Hutchinson
October 18, 2017

Over 30 years ago, Stephen King teamed with Peter Straub to pen THE TALISMAN. It was a relative first in modern publishing for two bestselling authors to co-author a new work of fiction. Since then, it has become much more common. Clive Cussler has teamed with 10 different authors to write his numerous series. James Rollins has teamed with Rebecca Cantrell and Grant Blackwood. Blackwood has also written with Cussler and Tom Clancy. Other teams include scifi greats Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, and thriller greats, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Family writing teams include Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler, Dick and Felix Francis, Jonathan, Faye and Jessie Kellerman, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Clark, and most recently Stephen and Owen King.

VJ Books has relationships with these writing teams and many others, and are pleased to have this category dedicated to Double-Signed Books. These special volumes add value to any collection.

Stephen King

Co-Author Stephen King

Owen King

Co-Author Owen King

Peter Straub

Co-Author Peter Straub

Mary Higgins Clark

Co-Author Mary Higgins Clark

Carol Higgins Clark

Co-Author Carol Higgins Clark

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VJ Books has received:  Yann Martel – Beatrice and Virgil, Ben Bova – The Hittite, Ridley Pearson – Kingdom Keepers 3:  Disney in Shadow, Jonathan Kellerman – Deception, Stephen Cannell – The Pallbearers, Alafair Burke – 212, Ellen Horan – 31 Bond Street, and Junius Podrug – Feathered Serpent 2012.

Mystery loves company: an evening with the crime-writing Kellermans

(Publisher’s Weekly, Apr 6)

On March 26 it was a family affair at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library, as Jonathan Kellerman joined his wife, Faye, and son, Jesse, novelists all, for a conversation on the art of writing mysteries.  Jonathan Kellerman no doubt felt right at home – he’s a professor at the university’s Keck School of Medicine.  According to event organizer Cynthia Gellis, the “large and enthusiastic crowd was fascinated to hear the Kellermans talk about each of their own processes – it was a great family dynamic.”  Ballantine reports 285,000 copies of True Detectives in print.

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Kellerman’s Bones has 900,000 in print

(Publisher’s Weekly, Mar. 23)

“Steve Brandt walked us out to a faux-cobblestone motor court, used a clicker to hld his front gate open.  ‘So he’s clear?’ ‘So far, sir.’  ‘Trust me, Officers, he’s too dumb to kill anyone.’ Smiling with sour satisfaction, he walked back to the heat and light of his home.”

From Bones, Jonathan Kellerman‘s latest Alex Delaware novel, with has 900,000 copies in print.

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