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Nick Stone – King of Swords

(Publisher’s Weekly, Oct. 13)

At the start of Stone‘s chilling second thriller, set in the early 1980s and the prequel to Mr. Clarinet (2007), Det. Sgt. Max Mingus and his black partner, Det. Joe Liston, think a decomposed body discovered in a primate park in Miami, Fla., is just one of the city’s more bizarre murders. But when a tarot card—the ominous King of Swords—is found in the victim’s stomach and his entire family killed, it’s clear something darker is at work. The detectives are soon hot on the trail of a young Haitian pimp and his fortune-teller mother, who are thought to be linked to voodoo gang leader Solomon Boukman. Rumors abound about Boukman’s human sacrifices and allegiance to the voodoo god of death, Baron Samedi, but few have actually seen his face. With police corruption rampant, Mingus and Liston realize that in order to take down Boukman, they’ll have to hunt him alone. The violence is every bit as gruesome as in Clarinet, but Stone expertly harnesses it to propel his multilayered saga of good, evil and everything in between. (Dec.)

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Nick Stone – The King of Swords

Miami 1981.  When Detective Max Mingus and his partner Joe are called to the scene of a death at Miami’s Primate Park, it looks like another routine investigation…. until two things turn up: the victim’s family, slaughtered; and a partly digested tarot card in the dead man’s stomach, “The King of Swords.”

The bloody trail leads Max and Joe first to a sinister fortune-teller and her scheming pimp son, then to the infamous Solomon Boukman. Few have ever met the most feared criminal in Miami, but rumors abound of a forked tongue, voodoo ceremonies and friends in very high places.

Against a backdrop of black magic and police corruption, Max and Joe must distinguish the good guys from the bad. What is the significance of the “King of Swords”? What makes those who have swallowed the card go on a killing spree just before they die? Can Max find out the truth about Solomon Boukman before death’s shadow reaches his own front door.

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Nick Stone – King of Swords and Mr. Clarinet

Nick Stone was born on Halloween 1966 in Cambridge, England.  He first thriller,  ‘Mr Clarinet’ became a critical and commercial success in the UK and the United States.  Stone’s second novel, King of Swords – a prequel to Mr. Clarinet, set in Cocaine Cowboy era Miami – was published in hardcover in the UK in August 2007, and last month in the US . King of Swords has met with equally strong critical acclaim , with several reviewers considering the novel superior to his debut.

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Best mysteries of 2008

(, Dec. 17)

Sun Sentinel (MCT) – In “The Finder,” Colin Harrison combines a strong eye for social details and the intricacies of New York City for a novel that is equally literary fiction and mystery.

A scheme in which office cleaners steal a new pharmaceutical company’s paperwork leads to cohesive plot about greed, power and revenge. “The Finder’s” ensemble features characters from every stratum of New York society as well as sharp dialogue and fresh plot twists. Harrison’s original approach makes “The Finder” the top mystery of 2008.

(1) “The Finder.” Colin Harrison. Farrar, Straus, Giroux. A scheme to steal paperwork erupts into a perceptive, thriller about New York life. (more…)