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Will ‘Maximum Ride’ be the next ‘Twilight’?

Vampires are hot. We’ve known this way before Rob Pattinson ever donned glitter in Twilight (Bela Lugosi might not have inspired the shrieks of tweens nationwide, but hey, he still pulled it off, Hungarian accent and all). But mutant humans? I’m not so sure. But with news breaking this morning that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke might direct the adaptation of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series — which follows a group of teens that are half-bird, half-human — I’m beginning to wonder if the movie has the potential to be the next Twilight. The two series certainly have a lot in common: they’re both fantasy series, they both revolve around teens, and they both boast a strong adult following as well (not to mention the fact that the family of half-bird, half-humans, called the Flocks, lives in a remote house. And have human-wolf hybrids as enemies). 

But every teen-centric novel adaptation needs a heartthrob. So which hotties should play Maximum Ride, the series’ main female character, and Fang, Max’s strong right-hand man-bird?

(Popwatch, Mar. 17, Kate Ward)

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James Patterson’s New International Collaboration

James Patterson is set to add another name to his list of collaborators: Liza Marklund. Marklund is Scandinavia’s bestselling female crime writer. The announcement came Friday afternoon via a blog post by “Lindsay Boxerette” on Patterson’s social-networking site. The international thriller is due in 2010. All that is known of the story at this point is that it is set in Stockholm, Sweden.

Marklund was quoted as saying, “Writing this book is so much fun. The story is violent, emotional, and fast paced. It’s very exciting to work with such an intelligent and creative writer. James Patterson is not only exceptionally smart and funny, he is also incredibly humble.” A goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Marklund is credited with revolutionizing the Swedish police procedural in the late 90’s with The Bomber, her first novel in a series that is now heralded as the most successful ever by a female Scandinavian writer.

The series centers on character Annika Bengzton, a crime reporter for a tabloid who must balance her career with the responsibilities of motherhood. The books have been so successful internationally that the author has become a #1 bestseller in all five Nordic countries. Collectively, the books have sold 9 million copies in 30 languages worldwide.

Patterson, meanwhile, is set to release MAX, the fifth installment of the young adult Maximum Ride series, on March 16th. Most recently, Run For Your Life (Little, Brown February 2009), written with Michael Ledwidge, topped bestseller lists. Other collaborators have included Andrew Gross, Maxine Paetro, Hal Friedman, Howard Roughan, and Peter de Jonge.

(Hartford Books Examiner, Mar. 8, John Valeri) has signed copies of all James Patterson novels.

James Patterson – Maximum Ride goes to the movies!

Avi Arad, the producer behind the Spider Man and X Men movies has bought MAXIMUM RIDE and is working on the movie for Sony Pictures.

What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 16, Carlisle Webber)

Persuading adults to read YA literature

Overheard in a library: “This is a teen novel? I don’t want it then. I just want regular James Patterson.” The patron was holding the copy of Maximum Ride that she had requested.

Among a blog’s comments: “I’m an adult who loves YA fiction, but I always feel so embarrassed by looking through the YA section of the local library.”

Every day, those of us who advocate for young adult literature hear statements like these, which not only devalue the genre but show us that too many adults believe that YA is either junk or best appreciated by 10-year-olds. We roll our eyes when yet another media outlet writes about this newfangled genre of literature, one that consists solely of Harry Potter, Gossip Girl and the Twilight saga (and maybe some other vampire books if (more…)