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UK Crimefest May 14-17th – Where the pen is bloodier than the sword

The second annual CRIMEFEST is being held in Bristol from 14th to 17th May .  Guests this year include Anne Zouroudi, Michael Walters, Zoe Sharp, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, Michael Connelly, Kate Ellis and Maxim Jakubowski, amongst others. 


During a conversation with one of the organisors of Crimefest, I was interested to learn that although it is only the second Crimefest being held in the UK it is the organisors’  third event that they have had a hand in.

In 2006 Left Coast Crime – the massively popular US convention came to the UK for the first time.  It too was held in Bristol as it could retain its title – that of Left Coast Crime.  LCC organisers had spoken to Myles Allfrey and Adrian Muller (current co-hosts of Crimefest) and had their help in arranging this amazing event.  The UK has never seen its like before and it made Myles and Adrian realise that there was a definite niche in the (more…)