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John Reviews the New Mitch Rapp series Novel, Enemy of the State

John Reviews Vince Flynn’s Enemy of the State by Kyle Mills

Vince Flynn Enemy of the State by Kill MillsKyle Mills just released his third book in the series, ENEMY OF THE STATE. I recently finished reading it and have to report that Mills has completely captured the voice of Vince Flynn. This Rapp novel not only holds its own against the previous books, but takes it to a whole new level.

The story takes us back to the Middle East Theater, where Saudi officials are working with Isis. Rapp is recruited by the president in a late night meeting to work “off the grid” to bring the crisis to a favorable conclusion. Working outside of the company, Rapp recruits familiar players from previous books as he assembles his team of mercenaries.

No spoilers here, but of course he stops the conspiracy in typical Mitch Rapp style. With all of the twists and turns, I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. ENEMY OF THE STATE – is sure to be one of the biggest books of the year. A special thanks to Kyle Mills for keeping this series fresh and exciting.

With American Assassin hitting the big screen in a few days, a whole new audience will be introduced to Mitch Rapp. I can’t wait to see how Hollywood treats our favorite spy. Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien plays Rapp, with Michael Keaton playing the old CIA sage, Stan Hurley.

Some wonder why American Assassin was picked for the screen first, after all it’s the 11th book in the bestselling series. Consider this – Hollywood likes order and American Assassin is the first book, chronilogically speaking.


John Talks about Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills and the Mitch Rapp Series

John Talks about Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills and the Mitch Rapp Series

Vince FlynnJohn talks about one of his favorite authors (Vince Flynn) and series (Mitch Rapp), and Kyle Mills, the new writer of the series.

Book synopsis for The Survivor:

A blistering novel that picks up where The Last Man left off, The Survivor is a no-holds-barred race to save America…and Mitch Rapp’s finest battle.

When Joe “Rick” Rickman, a former golden boy of the CIA, (more…)

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Vince Flynn – Extreme Measures

(, Nov 29, Susan Olasky)

Here’s an exciting conservative novel: Counter-terrorism operatives Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash are up against a rogue offshoot of al-Qaeda poised to attack the United States. They also have to stop civil liberties activists and their Senate sympathizers who think the “bad guys”—Rapp and Nash—are too tough with suspected terrorists.

Flynn skillfully cuts back and forth between the terrorists relentlessly training for their attack, and the small band of Americans with the understanding, resolve, and talent to stop them—if liberals don’t hold them back. Flynn humanizes the Americans with frequent scenes of Nash interacting with his wife and children.

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