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Norwood Press Announces First Edition, First Printing Limited Edition Chapbook Signed by Both Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn

“Beyond a thrilling piece of horrifying suspense the Serial novella is also a groundbreaking experiment in literary collaboration” reports John Hutchinson, of Norwood Press.

Jack Kilborn (a pseudonym of bestselling author J.A. Konrath, whose most recent release is Cherrybomb) wrote the first part. Blake Crouch (Abandon) wrote the second. They collaborated on the third together over email in 100-word exchanges, not aware of each other’s opening section. “All bets were off, and may the best psycho win” said Hutchinson from his office in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Tualatin.

Serial contains the novella, “Serial”, a Q & A with Kilborn and Crouch, author bibliographies, and excerpts from their most recent and forthcoming work, Kilborn’s Afraid and Crouch’s Abandon.

Rambo creator David Morrell (Shimmer) called Abandon one of the best books he’d ever read.

The signed, “Serial: novella is offered for $9.99 at Quantities are limited.

Norwood Press Announces Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can’t Put Down (Edited by Clive Cussler) Limited Edition, Signed by all 24 Contributing Authors and Includes Free Serial Chapbook by Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath

Thriller 2:  Stories You Just Can’t Put Down

The International Thriller Writers (ITW) ™   latest release of Thriller 2:  Stories You Just Can’t Put Down (2009: Mira) brings offerings by top thriller writers.  From Jeffery Deaver’s tale of international terrorism to Lisa Jackson’s dysfunctional family in the California wine country, this collection has something for everyone.


Twenty-three bestselling and hot new authors in the genre have submitted original stories to make up this unforgettable blockbuster event; edited by the Grandmaster himself, Clive Cussler. 


The Norwood Press limited edition is signed by all 23 contributing authors and Clive Cussler.  “This edition is one of our finest editions” reports John Hutchinson of Norwood Press.  “It is a special limited numbered edition in deluxe cloth binding, foil stamped, marbled paper boards and matching slipcase.  For the book collector, knowing that it is strictly limited to 150 copies hand-signed by each of the 24 contributing authors makes it a tremendous addition to any book collection.”


For a limited time, free with your purchase of Thriller 2 Limited Numbered edition, you will receive the Norwood Press signed limited edition chapbook of Serial, the new thriller novella by Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn (aka J.A. Konrath). 


The Norwood Press limited edition of Thriller 2:  Stories You Just Can’t Put Down is available for $139.99, or the trade edition, signed by Clive Cussler at $29.99 can be found at VJ Books.  Quantities are limited.

Justin Scott joins the Cussler franchise!

Justin Scott, (AKA Paul Garrison), one of my favorite authors, is bringing back Isaac Bell, the hero in Cussler‘s bestselling The Chase.  The new novel is called The Wrecker, and is scheduled for release on November 17.  VJ Books plans to offer this book in both US and UK editions, as well as our Norwood Press editions.

It is 1907. Train wrecks, fires and explosions sabotage the Southern Pacific Railroad’s Cascades express line. Desperate, the railroad hires the fabled Van Dorn Detective Agency. Van Dorn sends in its top investigator, Isaac Bell. Bell quickly discovers that a mysterious saboteur haunts the hobo jungles of the West.  Known as The Wrecker, he recruits accomplices from among the down-and-outs to attack the railroad, killing them afterwards. The Wrecker travels the vast spaces of the American West as if he had wings, striking wherever he pleases, causing untold damage and loss of human life. Who is he and what does he want? Is he a striker? An anarchist? A criminal mastermind engineering some as-yet unexplained scheme? Whoever he is, whatever his motives, The Wrecker knows how to create maximum havoc. Bell senses that he is far from done – indeed, it would seem that The Wrecker is building up to a grand act unlike anything committed before. If Bell doesn’t stop him in time, the entire future of the country could be at risk.

Clive Cussler and his co-authors, Dirk Cussler, Paul Kemprecos, Jack DuBrul, Grant Blackwood, and now, Justin Scott, bring the high adventure only experenced by reading a Cussler novel in five different story lines, on both land and sea!

VJ Books is proud to offer signed copies of all Clive Cussler titles!

Cusslercon 2008 Convention

If it’s the first weekend in October . . . this must be Cusslercon! The Clive Cussler Collector’s Society brought its 2008 annual get together back to Denver, where it all began back in 2005.

Old friends and new, nearly 150 in all, gathered once again to celebrate all things Cussler. Early arrivers had a reunion dinner Thursday evening at Cinzetti’s Italian restaurant not far from the Ramada Plaza Hotel, site of the convention. Friday found Debbie and Bruce Kenfield greeting arriving attendees in the society registration room. It’s the place to be on Friday as returning “Cussler Crazies” renew old friendships as they watch for arriving luminaries.

The afternoon passed as Paul and Kristy Kemprecos, and Jack Du Brul sat around chatting with those waiting for the evening festivities to begin. Just as at previous conventions nothing officially starts until the arrival of the grand master himself, Clive Cussler. As the seven o’clock hour approached eager fans gathered near the entrance of the hotel to await Clive’s grand entrance. Not to be disappointed a classic car came into view, the 1932 Auburn V-12, featured in the 20th Dirk Pitt adventure, Arctic Drift. Driven by Dirk Cussler the Auburn came to a stop in the breezeway greeted by cheers of excitement from the gathered throng. Just as Dirk and his sister Teri stepped from the car, another classic – this one a miniature – pulled in behind. Folded into the driver’s seat was none other (more…)