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Clive Cussler – Medusa (Just a tease!)

In the eighth gripping Numa File novel, Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos deliver an electrifying mix of action and adventure. 

In 1846, a US whaling vessel, Princess, is struck by a mysterious and deadly tropical illness. In desperation, the captain shores his ship on a hostile island – where, miraculously, his crew are saved by a cure administered by the natives.

The presentday world is facing an eerily similar pandemic, but now of unthinkably global proportions. While governments try to conceal the danger, virologists toil to find a cure using the deadly toxins of a rare jellyfish – the Blue Medusa. Kurt Austin and his team soon find themselves in a desperate life or death struggle with the bad guys, who will stop at nothing to control both virus and antidote – and wield their power with terrifying consequences. The Numa Special Projects team is back – but this time the stakes are higher than ever… (July 2009)

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Introducing Dirk Cussler

Dirk Cussler holds an MBA from Berkeley.  For many years he worked in the financial arena, and now devotes himself full-time to writing. For the last several years, he has been an active participant and partner in his father’s NUMA expeditions and served as president of the NUMA advisory board of trustees.  He has co-authored books with Clive Cussler, Black Wind, The Treasure of Khan and Arctic Drift, as well as the namesake of his father’s famous protagonist, Dirk Pitt.  He is currently writing the next Dirk Pitt adventure.  He lives in Arizona with his family.

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