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James Patterson’s New International Collaboration

James Patterson is set to add another name to his list of collaborators: Liza Marklund. Marklund is Scandinavia’s bestselling female crime writer. The announcement came Friday afternoon via a blog post by “Lindsay Boxerette” on Patterson’s social-networking site. The international thriller is due in 2010. All that is known of the story at this point is that it is set in Stockholm, Sweden.

Marklund was quoted as saying, “Writing this book is so much fun. The story is violent, emotional, and fast paced. It’s very exciting to work with such an intelligent and creative writer. James Patterson is not only exceptionally smart and funny, he is also incredibly humble.” A goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Marklund is credited with revolutionizing the Swedish police procedural in the late 90’s with The Bomber, her first novel in a series that is now heralded as the most successful ever by a female Scandinavian writer.

The series centers on character Annika Bengzton, a crime reporter for a tabloid who must balance her career with the responsibilities of motherhood. The books have been so successful internationally that the author has become a #1 bestseller in all five Nordic countries. Collectively, the books have sold 9 million copies in 30 languages worldwide.

Patterson, meanwhile, is set to release MAX, the fifth installment of the young adult Maximum Ride series, on March 16th. Most recently, Run For Your Life (Little, Brown February 2009), written with Michael Ledwidge, topped bestseller lists. Other collaborators have included Andrew Gross, Maxine Paetro, Hal Friedman, Howard Roughan, and Peter de Jonge.

(Hartford Books Examiner, Mar. 8, John Valeri) has signed copies of all James Patterson novels.

Upcoming books from Lawrence Block, Greg Rucka, James Huston, Chuck Palahnuik, Sarah Waters, Craig Johnson, Glen David Gold and Peter De Jonge

We are pleased to bring you great new titles by some wonderful authors.  Larwrence Block, Greg Rucka,  and James Huston have been some of our top selling authors for years, and what could we possibly say about a new Chuck Palahnuik title except “stand back!”   The Little Stranger, is the eagerly anticipated fifth novel by Sarah Waters

I just read, and greatly enjoyed Craig Johnson’s Another Man’s Moccasins, and am looking forward to spending more time with Sheriff Longmire in The Dark Horse.
In 2001 Glen David Gold rocked the publishing world with Carter Beats the Devil.  He’s back with Sunnyside, a novel about Charlie Chaplin and the rise of Hollywood.  This book is sure to be in high demand.

Peter De Jonge steps out of James Patterson’s shadow with an edgy, electrifying, dark and riveting debut, Shadows Still Remain.

 So the buzz has begun with the announcement that Dan Brown‘s The Lost Symbol is to be released on September 15th.  With a mega first run of 5 million copies the publisher is pumping truckloads of money hyping this book, riding on what’s left of the Da Vinci Code success, right on the tail of the spring release of Angels and Demons the movie.  We are not sure whether we will be able to offer signed copies of this title, but will certainly let you know when we do. 
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Peter de Jonge – Shadows Still Remain

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 16)

De Jonge, a James Patterson coauthor (Beach Road), delivers his first solo effort, a routine crime thriller set in New York City. NYPD Det. Darlene O’Hara, “beautiful and thirty-four, with wavy red hair and the kind of freckles men try to lick off shoulders,” is looking for missing NYU student Francesca Pena, “a very pretty teenage girl with long jet-black hair and bottomless brown eyes,” when she learns that Pena’s brutally beaten body has been found in East River Park. While her professional colleagues soon focus on David McLain, Pena’s hometown friend who initially reported her missing, O’Hara doubts McLain is guilty. As the evidence against McLain mounts, she persists in her search for the real killer, a quest that leads her to cross lines, risk her job and become a wanted person herself. Predictably, O’Hara’s digging reveals Pena had a secret life. Few readers will be surprised that the detective manages to crack the case in the nick of time. (Apr.)

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