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New York Times Bestselling Author Richard North Patterson Releases his Latest Thriller – The Devil’s Light

Richard North PattersonPress Release

Tualatin, Oregon – May 3, 2011 – VJ Books presents signed editions of The Devil’s Light by Richard North Patterson.

 Imagine this:  Three jihadist groups in Pakistan-Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Lahkar-e-Taiba (“LET”)-forge an alliance to steal a nuclear bomb from the Pakistani arsenal in order to destroy an American city. No country has more active terrorists than Pakistan, and few have more nuclear weapons.  Fiction?  This very scenario is at the heart of the latest thriller from Richard North Patterson, The Devil’s Light.

The Devils Light by Richard North PattersonPatterson, in a recent article published just a couple of days ago, shares his opinion on the real threats facing the West as the various groups of terrorists begin to join forces against us.

“Al Qaeda has long been obsessed with nuclear weapons, and Pakistan has always been its focus.  Just before 9/11, Bin Ladin met in Afghanistan with a Pakistani nuclear scientist and an engineer, drawing up plans for an Al Qaeda bomb.  And after 9/11, Bin Laden announced Al Qaeda’s intention to kill four million Americans to ‘balance’ the Muslin deaths he attributes to the United States and Israel . . .”

Patterson continues, “We are certainly vulnerable to this.  A Pakistani bomb carries enough punch to destroy New York, but can travel in a container the size of a coffin.”  “There is more than a fair chance that Al Qaeda could turn the White House into the epicentre of a nuclear blast.  A Strike against Washington D.C. or New York could be economically, politically, and psychologically shattering.  Terrified of Al Qaeda, Americans would be thrown into a panic as they wait for the next city to disappear.”


Books to watch in 2009

(, Jan 09, Nicky Pellegrino)

When writing about the year ahead it seems almost mandatory to be all doom and economic gloom, but for book lovers at least, 2009 holds plenty of promise – new authors to discover, new releases from well- loved writers and a publishing industry that is as vibrant as it’s ever been.

First, let’s get the shameless self-promotion out the way. My own new novel, The Italian Wedding (Orion) is released here in April (two months before the UK gets it) and is a story about food, feuds and discovering who your parents really are. Naturally, highly recommend it!

Most publishing companies encourage their big-name authors to release a book each year so I can expect some stiff competition on the shop shelves. For instance Jodi Picoult’s next blockbuster also lands in April. Handle With Care is the story of a child born with brittle bone disease whose mother decides to file a wrongful birth lawsuit against the obstetrician who also happens to be her best friend.

Crime/thriller writers tend to be especially prolific for some reason. Michael Connelly has two new titles on offer this year as do Janet Evanovich, Jonathan Kellerman and Ian Rankin, who will be introducing
readers to a brand new series to replace the retired Rebus.

There will also be offerings from all the usual suspects: John Grisham, Jeffrey Deaver … and a book called Dead Man’s Dust about a vigilante hero from newcomer Matt Hilton, who’s being heralded as the next big (more…)

Patterson’s novels are edgy – and for a cause

(Bee Book Club, Dec. 15, Allen Pierleoni)

“I write about the issues I care about, and I know it’s a luxury to have an audience for that,” said author Richard North Patterson, sitting in the living room of his well-furnished home in San Francisco’s Marina district.

He added: “On the other hand, there’s a price to be paid for writing about controversial things – not everybody loves you for it.”

Patterson, 61, a former trial lawyer, has been a best- selling novelist for 28 years. He does not write “legal thrillers” in the sense that, say, a John Grisham or a Linda Fairstein does (both are close friends of his). Rather, he addresses major issues of national and/or global concern through a cast of characters who end up in courtrooms one way or another, further illuminating those issues.

Patterson’s themes have included women’s reproductive rights, gun violence, the death penalty, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and presidential politics. (more…)

Richard North Patterson – Eclipse

(Publisher’s Weekly, Oct. 20)

This stellar legal thriller from bestseller Patterson (Exile) both informs and entertains.  On the eve of getting a divorce, Damon Pierce, a 40-year-old partner in a huge San Francisco, Calif., law firm, who specializes in international litigation, emails Marissa Brand, a woman he was once in love with in college, to update her on his life.  Marissa is married to Bobby Okari, a firebrand reformer whose Nigeria-like country, Luandia, is awash in oil.  With these riches come the usual scenarios:  econological disasters, a brutal dictaor with murderous henchmen, a rapacious foreign oil company and an oppressed populace.  After everyone in Okari’s village is slaughter, Bobby is arrested for the lynching of three oil workers.  Damon, because he’s a good man and because he’s still in love withe Marissa, signs on to defend Bobby from the bogus charge.  Patterson has exerted all his considerable skill in creating a nightmare atmosphere that will cling to readers long after the last page is turned.  (It will be out in January 2009)