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Read an interview with Craig Johnson (The Dark Horse-May ’09)

Craig Johnson’s The Dark Horse is his fifth contemporary mystery featuring Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire.

What would you want everyone to know about Walt’s home state of Wyoming?

It’s diverse, and even if there are only 535,000 of us, it’s not as square as it looks, culturally or physically. We get called “the big empty,” but open places tend to draw in the interesting.

What made you decide to set The Dark Horse outside of Walt’s jurisdiction?

I overheard a conversation in a Wyoming sheriff’s office when one sheriff called another to see if he’d mind if he came into the other sheriff’s county and took a look around—it concerned a case he was working on. Now, as an ex-cop pretty familiar with the fiefdoms that can result out of jurisdictional application, I was curious to see how this other sheriff would respond. The sheriff in whose office I was sitting put his hand over (more…)