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Nominees Announced for 2009 Dilys Award

(, Jan. 18)

Robin Agnew announced today on the DorothyL bulletin board the nominees for the 2009 Dilys Award. The Dilys Award has been given annually since 1992 by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA) to the mystery titles of the year which the member booksellers have most enjoyed selling. The award is named in honor of Dilys Winn, the founder of Murder Ink, the first specialty bookseller of mystery books in the United States.

The nominees are:
Trigger City by Sean Chercover
The Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler
Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn
Child 44  by Tom Rob Smith
Dawn Patrol  by Don Winslow

The winner will be announced at Left Coast Crime in March 2009.

Best mysteries of 2008

(, Dec. 17)

Sun Sentinel (MCT) – In “The Finder,” Colin Harrison combines a strong eye for social details and the intricacies of New York City for a novel that is equally literary fiction and mystery.

A scheme in which office cleaners steal a new pharmaceutical company’s paperwork leads to cohesive plot about greed, power and revenge. “The Finder’s” ensemble features characters from every stratum of New York society as well as sharp dialogue and fresh plot twists. Harrison’s original approach makes “The Finder” the top mystery of 2008.

(1) “The Finder.” Colin Harrison. Farrar, Straus, Giroux. A scheme to steal paperwork erupts into a perceptive, thriller about New York life. (more…)

Sean Chercover – Trigger City

(, Nov 13, Stefan Halley)

Sean Chercover follows up his debut novel with another solid entry.

After getting critical praise for his debut novel, Big City, Bad Blood, author Sean Chercover returns with his Shytown gumshoe Ray Dudgeon.  Big City, Bad Blood is a terrific classic crime noir style story that turned a lot of heads.  Chercover tosses off the sophomore slump with Trigger City and brings Dudgeon back with another nail biting story of corporate espionage and big business cover-ups. 
After the events of the last book, Ray finds himself falling on hard times.  He is barely paying the bills by doing spousal snooping.  When a retired U.S. Army Intelligence office walks in and hands Ray a check for $50,000 if he’ll work exclusively for him, despite his better judgment, Ray says yes.  On the surface the case looks cut and dry.  Isaac Richmond wants to know about his estranged daughter’s life before she was gunned


Sean Chercover – Trigger City

(Publisher’s Weekly, Aug. 25)

When Isaac Richmond, a retired army colonel, asks Chicago PI Ray Dudgeon to look into his daughter’s murder, Dudgeon, who’s still recovering from the injuries he sustained in Big City, Bad Blood, reluctantly agrees to take the $50,000 case in this engrossing follow-up. Joan Richmond’s death looks straightforward: a deranged co-worker, Steven Zhang, shot her in her home and then committed suicide. Never one to accept the simplest answer, Dudgeon starts digging and discovers that Joan’s former employer was Hawk River, a military contract company under congressional investigation. Steve’s widow soon reveals her husband’s ties to China, and Dudgeon realizes that Joan’s murder could lead back to both the Department of Homeland Security and some ruthless military contractors. Himself a former PI, Chercover brings a crackling authenticity to Dudgeon, paying homage to the noir masters while creating a doggedly stubborn new hero all his own. (Oct. 2008)

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