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Mystery loves company: an evening with the crime-writing Kellermans

(Publisher’s Weekly, Apr 6)

On March 26 it was a family affair at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library, as Jonathan Kellerman joined his wife, Faye, and son, Jesse, novelists all, for a conversation on the art of writing mysteries.  Jonathan Kellerman no doubt felt right at home – he’s a professor at the university’s Keck School of Medicine.  According to event organizer Cynthia Gellis, the “large and enthusiastic crowd was fascinated to hear the Kellermans talk about each of their own processes – it was a great family dynamic.”  Ballantine reports 285,000 copies of True Detectives in print.

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Jonathan Kellerman – Bones and True Detectives

(Publisher’s Weekly, Mar. 9)

Kellerman‘s loyal fans can look forward to his newest hardcover, True Detectives, which Ballantine launches on March 24 with a 280,000-copy printing.  That book’s two main characters, Moses Reed and Aaron Fox, were introduced in Bones- sons of the same mother, their respective fathers were cops, partners and friends.  According to Ballantine, “Their turbulent family history has set them at odds, despite their shared calling.”  Copies in print for Bones:  900,000.

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Jonathan Kellerman – True Detectives

(Publisher’s Weekly, Feb. 2)

PI Aaron Fox and L.A. cop Moe Reed, interracial half-brothers who played minor roles in 2008’s Bones, take center stage in bestseller Kellerman’s routine 24th Alex Delaware novel. When Fox, who used to work for the LAPD, looks into the missing-persons case of 20-year-old Caitlin Frostig, he runs into conflict with Reed. The brothers end up pursuing some predictable lines of inquiry, checking out Rory Stoltz, Frostig’s college boyfriend, as well as links to a filmmaker, Lem Dement, who’s suspected of domestic abuse. More A-list connections surface after the investigators learn Stoltz was the personal assistant for actor Mason Book, whose rumored suicide attempt came shortly after Frostig’s disappearance. The strains between Fox and Reed don’t generate much heat, while the pacing and writing aren’t up to Kellerman’s best. Hopefully, Delaware and detective Milo Sturgis, relegated to cameos, will be back in their usual starring positions next time. (Mar. 24)

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