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“I would like to start collecting. I have an interest in economics, business and mystery writers. I would like to start with something affordable and am considering Lee Child and Michael Connelly. I have budgeted about $100 per month to start and would like to buy the best editions available given my budget. Are you able to suggest a few titles each month or is it best just to check your site every few weeks and purchase myself.” (J. Conway, Vancouver BC)

John responds….

With Connelly and Child you have not only identified two of my favorites, but also two of the nicest guys in the business. Michael Connelly’s first book, Black Echo, introduced us to Harry Bosch, and won The Edgar for first book.  And Lee Child’s first, The Killing Floor, started Jack Reacher on a twelve book long thrill ride.
All of their titles are still affordable, with a good prospect of appreciation. Connelly’s upcoming book, The Brass Verdict, promises to be very big. Lee Child has just released Nothing To Lose to excellent fan response. In addition to these two authors you may want to consider, Vince Flynn, James Rollins, Steve Berry, Ridley Pearson, Steve Hunter, and John Sandford to name a few. Welcome to the world of the “biblioholic.” VJ Books is a qualified treatment center! – John