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What a concept!


Some four years ago two charter members of the “Cussler Crazies,” Bruce Kenfield and Wayne Valero, had an idea to bring together people from all corners of the world to celebrate all things Cussler. 
Meeting in Denver 100 Cussler fans spent three wonderful days in October 2005 getting to know each other as an exciting tradition was born.  Cusslercon 2 took us to Phoenix as the event expanded in both program content and participants.  CC3 found us in Charleston, as we learned in depth about the Hunley, the Confederate submarine found by NUMA.
Cusslercon 4 returns us to Denver and promises to be even more exciting.  Bestselling author Steve Berry will join us as keynote speaker, and a private showing of Clive’s car collection highlights the agenda.  Of course, Clive Cussler, Paul Kemprecos, Dirk Cussler, and Jack Dubrul will be there to visit and sign all your favorites!
Both Virginia and I will be there (along with Mitchell and Evan), as well as all the people you expect to see at our annual get together.  If you haven’t attended before, please consider joining us in Denver the first weekend in October for fun, fellowship, and all the festivities.  A tradition has been born.  If you are a serious Cussler fan, this annual event is a real escape from the ordinary!  Click the link to the Clive Cussler Collector Society for all the details.
Hope to see you at the convention!