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Ted Bell’s latest book “Tsar: A Thriller” will debut on next week’s New York Times list of best sellers at No. 8.

The book, published on Sept. 23, has reached the No. 1 spot in the Action & Adventure category on Amazon.com and No. 6 in the Thriller category. As of Sunday, it was also the No. 7 best-selling book at all Barnes & Noble stores.

“Tsar” is the fifth novel chronicling the exploits of secret agent Alex Hawke. This time he is pitted against an evil Russian mastermind intent on European domination — in a scenario that chillingly echoes real-life events in re-emergent Russia.

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called it “a fabulous book” and said “I stayed up all night reading it.” And talker Glenn Beck called it “a fantastic read.”

Bell’s earlier Alex Hawke books include “Spy,” “Pirate,” and “Assassin.”







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