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(printedpage.us., Nov. 19, 2008, Marcia)

I haven’t read Mr. Eisler’s work before but was aware of his name and genre. I’m happy to say I’ve found a new author to read.

There is plenty of suspense and mystery in this one. Who really wants Obsidian, what does it do that makes others eager to get their hands on it and why is at core of this story. Along way to finding out these details the reader is lead on a wild goose chase filled with murderous secrets and dangerous plot twists. It’s really a matter of trust. Who do and don’t you trust with your life on the line? Is blood really thicker than water? Do you trust your coworkers or could they be feeding the bad guys bread crumbs that lead right back to you?

The story is very plausible given today’s technology and all those James Bond toys. There was one really big surprise which I in no way saw coming. I’ll say no more than it has to do with those closest to Ben outside of his family. I’m still trying to figure out where I missed the clue. I’ll admit that half way through the book the I was ready for the tension and antagonism between the brothers to end as I felt it was taking away from the story but in the end it becomes apparent why Mr. Eisler spent so much of the story line covering this territory.

While I didn’t feel he covered any new ground or told the story in an exceptional way overall I was satisfied with this book and would like to meet up with these characters again. As far as action and thrillers spiced with mystery go I’d recommend this one.