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Indiana Jones, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – A cinematic phenomenon, 20 years of Henry Jones Junior, or as he likes to be called, Indiana Jones. He has taken us through deserts, jungles, oceans and more.  With his unforgettable grin, bullwhip and well worn brown fedora he leads us in 4 block buster movies. In his new movie (The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) he will have contacts with the supernatural, Russians and Marion (his cocky ex-fiance). But this review is on the book, written by James Rollins. This powerful author creates an amazing book. True to the movie, he uses powerful mental pictures to allow the story to come alive. He creates relationships between the characters as you were in side their heads. His vivid picturing is well partnered with unbelievable word play. I really suggest you read this book!


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