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(Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 20, Mark Graham)

This 11th installment in the saga that began with Ender’s Game takes place between the first novel and the second, which is set nearly 3000 years after Andrew (Ender) Wiggin saved Earth and destroyed the aliens who had invaded. Fans have been begging since the 1980s for a novel that tells what happened in the interim.Though some of the other books in the series have hinted at these events, this is the first to go into detail and begins immediately after the events in the first novel.

Although Ender saved humanity, he has been condemned by many for his genocide of the aliens and, for political reasons, he can never be allowed to return to the planet he saved.

Off he goes with his sister to govern the colonists on a planet formerly inhabited by the aliens he destroyed.

Expect intrigue, deception, the answers to many questions and even a little romance as Ender gets his first kiss, in this excellent addition to the canon.

Final word: Ender’s Game is among the most popular science fiction novels of all time for readers of nearly all ages. Because of some plot and theme complexities, this book may demand more mature readers. In addition, rereading Ender’s Game before starting this one is an excellent idea.

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