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(independentweekly.com, Jan 6, Michael Sneyd)

The title itself suggests that Dean Koontz may be reverting farther back into his romantic styled writing for this novel. Knowing that it’s a release of the horror/thriller genre spooked me to think that this book may fall short of my expectations. Fear not for Koontz fans as this story echoes the traits of his former works. He always has a love story in the subtext, and in this case it is evidently strong. The scare factors on the other hand are a little cliche, leaving Koontz to incorporate risky measures of Edgar Alan Poe’s imagery upon the texts darkness.

Poe’s imagery actually holds suitable weight, and is delivered with just enough grace to stop me from perceiving it as mere cheating or theft. The love between the main characters drew me in from the beginning in such an involving way that I had fading hopes for any sinister eruptions within the plot. There are some volcanic twists and turns, yet many avenues are exhausted in creating a strong sense of paranoia for the main character. “Your Heart Belongs To Me” climaxes late and fast like any Dean Koontz novel, but has a build up that seems to by-pass the action and meet you in the light at the end of the tunnel. Nevertheless, it ends as sweet as a kiss and a hug at the footer of a cherished letter.

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