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Sitting on the table next to my bed resides two stacks of books.  The first stack is the “want to reads,” the other stack are the “got to reads.”  I re-sort the stacks regularly, and it is interesting what moves to the top.  Today I’d like to bring to your attention a book I just finished.  Not my typical read, but the comments on the advance sent to me by the publisher met my need for something fresh and somewhat bizarre.  OMG!

When I was finished Virginia asked me if this is something we should offer to you, and frankly it took me some time to decide. . . It’s that kind of book!
The book is Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl.
To label this book “black humor” does not quite do it justice.  A cover quote reads “Jerry Stahl should either get the Pulitzer Prize or be shot down in the street like a dog!”
This book fires on all cylinders:  conspiracy and denial, drugs and addiction, suspense and anticipation, love and hate, inmates and guards, zealots and crackheads, zionists and the NAZI Angel of Death himself . . . Josef Mengele!

Jerry Stahl has graciously agreed to sign for VJ Books.  Don’t delay, reserve your copy today.