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A word or two about Jerry Stahl

stalh2I don’t know how we previously overlooked this author.  He is quite well known, and I apologize to him and his fans for not offering his earlier works.  I have our scouts combing the backlist landscape for a hidden cache of his other titles so we can bring them to you.
In addition to his novels, Stahl has written extensively for film, Bad Boys II, and for television, including the highly rated 100th episode of CSI. He also penned other works for Will Smith’s production company.  His fiction pieces have appeared in all major magazines.  The nacotic memoir Permanent Midnightwas made into a movie starring Ben Stiller, and I, Fatty has been optioned by Johnny Depp.

The 55 year old Stahl is also an accomplished actor with roles in his own Permanent Midnight and Zoolander, where he starred with his good friend Ben Stiller. 

Want a different read and a wild ride?  Don’t miss Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl!